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Protein Fight Club


Your Power Hours are Critical

A couple years ago my morning routine was much different than it is now. After a screaming alarm, I would wake up my 1st and 2nd grade daughters. I would make sure they are dressed, their lunch packed, and feed before leaving the house. In the midst of getting them ready, I too am trying to get cleaned up and myself dressed. Normally I would just scarf a bowl cereal, or just skip breakfast for the sake of time.

I don’t know why I loved them so much, I didn’t feel to hot after eating them

After dropping off the girls at school I would have some extra time before my work day started. I would find myself at a fast food drive through picking something off the dollar menu. The one thing I liked the most was a breakfast burrito, I love breakfast burritos. To me I thought I was getting everything I needed to start my day, in one (or two), sausage, egg wrapped tortilla. Soon to find out that either I was still hungry minutes later, or I was running to the nearest restroom. I don’t know why I loved them so much, I didn’t feel to hot after eating them, the breakfast burrito.


It has just been recently (this year) I have started eating a healthier breakfast. I am actively working with nationally acclaimed culinary and nutrition expert Robin Plotkin RD ,LN. She has been an key piece in getting back on track, and offering me plenty of breakfast options. She has armed me with a couple recipes that include or that can be accompanied with Milk. Come to find out I am a huge fan of milk and the protein it packs in just 8 ounces. It is quick, easy, power packed with vitamins, and is nutritious substitute to any fast food item.

Tale of the Tape of the Protein Fight Club

So I am putting up my 8 oz glass of milk against the

breakfast burrito in a Protein Fight!

Protein Fight Club

Protein Fight Club Showdown

Ooooooo!!! It’s that easy, be a winner with Milk, and feed your body more protein to stay fuller longer.

Don’t be a Loser, Choose Milk not Breakfast Burrito

Tips & Milk Social

  • Protein at breakfast can help you stay fuller longer so you’re more likely to stick to your healthy eating routine. 
  • Not all protein sources are created equal. Milk protein is a high-quality protein.
  • Milk provides more protein than an egg.
  • Milk is a breakfast powerhouse, packed with 9 essential nutrients in each glass.

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