Disclosure: This blog post and video is sponsored by the makers of ibi. #Meetibi

What if I told you that you can automatically save your favorite photos and videos in one place Sync all of your favorite photos and videos from your devices, clouds, and social media accounts and store them all in one place.

, Meet ibi the Smart Photo Manager, Days of a Domestic Dad

You can also upload content from a USB, or right from the ibi desktop app.

Check out this short video I did for the ibi smart photo manager, on my Facebook page.

If you have a family that likes to take a lot of photos, like mine. You should check out the @ibi smart photo manager. AD I like that you can collect all your photos, and videos in one spot, on a small device in your own home. Also, you can find and share precious content and share with friends and family privately. #Meetibi at http://sndk.co/6005EkvVJ

Posted by Days of a Domestic Dad on Monday, March 25, 2019