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Looking for a vehicle that doesn’t sacrifice quality for price? The 2019 Honda Pilot Elite is a popular SUV for families. Here are the top seven reasons why it’s a great choice.

2019 Honda Pilot Elite AWD

  • It’s got plenty of room
    There are many reasons families choose to purchase an SUV, but one of the biggest ones is size. You want to be sure your car has enough space for sports or camping gear and groceries, and enough seating in case one of your child’s friends is tagging along after school. The second- and third-row seats in the 2019 Honda Pilot Elite fold down to open up even more cargo space in the back. When all the seats are folded up, there is room for eight passengers.
  • It’s stylish
    Whether you’re driving downtown or hitting the open road, the 2019 Honda Pilot Elite stands out from the crowd. It comes in eight different colors and with sleek lines on the front, back, and sides. On the inside, plush, comfortable seating lets every passenger enjoy the ride.
  • It’s fuel-efficient
    The 2019 Honda Pilot Elite comes equipped with the Honda EarthDreams engine for greater fuel efficiency.
  • It lets you talk to every passenger
    No more straining your neck trying to reach around and talk to your passengers. The Honda Pilot offers an available CabinTalk PA system so everyone in the vehicle can hear you from the front.
  • It lets your passengers make choices
    The Honda Pilot lets passengers change the climate controls themselves. Now that’s cool.
  • It keeps you connected
    Staying in touch while driving is paramount. The Pilot Elite comes with available iPhone or Android integration so you can control your phone from the car’s dashboard.