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We have been taking road trips as a family for a long time, and we all have a plan for how we are going to start each day. We sometimes are in a place where we need to get a fast breakfast and move on. It is also a time when we need to get gas in the van so that we can do the driving that has to be done for that day because we will be making other stops on the trip.

Road Trip to Pilot Flying J

It is very easy for us to get all this done when we come to Pilot Flying J because they really are the best company for us when we need to get going in the morning. I wanted to tell you about a typical morning that we spend in one of their stations, and it has become like a family tradition for us. We know where these places are, and we make sure that we are near them as much as we can be.

Kia Sedona Arches

We all start by piling into the van and going over to the Pilot Flying J because we know what is going to happen when we get out of the van. I hop out and start up the gas, and then I can walk inside with my wife and the kids. It is so simple to do this because they have plenty of pumps, and then I go in with them to see what we can do about breakfast. We do not want to be there for too long, but we want to be there long enough to get what we need.

Pilot Flying J Truck Stop

All the kids go for the juice that they need to start the morning, and that is really helpful because they all love their own kind of juice. My wife and I can get coffee, and we get soft drinks from the cases for a little later in the trip. We can basically stock up while we are in there, and then we will be able to put all that stuff back into the van.

Pilot Flying J Breakfast Line Up

It is something that we love to do because Pilot Flying J has places for us to sit to have a nice breakfast, and then we are right back out the door. We have taken some of the same trips over the years and actually met some of the same people on these trips when we go to the same Pilot Flying J more than once. It is kind of nice to know that we can meet nice people on these trips, and we like to go to the Pilot Flying J because it always works for us.

Breakfast at Pilot Flying J rev


We all have our own preferences when we go into the Pilot Flying J, but it is fun to go in knowing what everyone wants now. We go straight for the food we want, and we make sure that the food is in our bellies quick so that we can hit the road. I know that this does not sound like it matters, but it helps us because it is like a tradition that we are going to have from now on.

Joeli in her cool glasses

The last thing that I love about these places is that I have been able to get all the forms, maps and pamphlets for the area. We know that we can come into the Pilot Flying J to get what we need, and we know that we can get ready for the day by grabbing an extra map or just figuring out how we are going to spend the day. We it really the best resource for us, and it is a nice place to go that has good food.

Kia Sedona Oregon Cabin

I could not recommend them any more because these breakfasts have been great for us, and they have been amazing because they are showing us that there is just one place to go to get the help that we need. We get the gas while we are in the station, and we can get a breakfast and coffee that we need. It is very easy for us to get going on the next day of our trip, and it helps us have a good day on our trip.