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When your children are very young, there are many things that are very difficult to explain to them at a level that they’ll understand. Then when they enter the teen years, they often get into difficult and sometimes even frightening situations that they don’t understand how to handle. In order to help you with this, Netflix wants to help! From either your home or smart device you can login to your Netflix account. Then you can do a quick stream of age-appropriate shows to help you explain to your kid why something has to be a certain way or how to climb out of a difficult situation.

Netflix Tough Topics rev Let Netflix Help Your Kids Through Tough Situations

For example, your lease may not allow you to own pets and your three-year-old suddenly decides that he wants a dog and it’s hard for him to understand that the dog will have to be taken care of for years on end. The VeggieTales episode, Responsibility shows that taking care of a pet is major duty in the long term. Maybe you have a tween or teen who is facing peer pressure and you’re not sure how to teach them how to stand up to it. Or maybe they’re the ones who are afraid to open up to you about it and you’re not sure how to convince them that they’re safe to talk to you. Whatever the situation, the site is happy to make it easier for you and your child to have a greater peace of mind and to keep the lessons that come with tough situations. Kimmy Schmidt’s show, UnBreakable shows that problems are not simply swept away by simply wishing them away, they have to be worked out from within the mind.

Veggie Tales

Netflix knows that some of the best conversations between children and their parents stem from watching movies and television shows. As a result, we aim to play on this and also to make it so that parents (or even the children) can access something that relates to their current situations just by streaming a cute and/or cool age-appropriate show in just seconds. The great thing about such shows is that they add humor and heart to the various situations. Such shows know that approaching such situations with humor way is the best way to go.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

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