As a working father I often wished that I had just a few extra minutes each day to spend with my young daughter. We used to get up each morning, pour cereal and milk into a bowl, eat it quickly, and off we went to school and work. Our family has a daily packed schedule of work, school, sports, and then homework. We barely have a few minutes together during a busy week.

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I had my “aha” moment recently when I realized that we could make better use of our morning time together during the week. I decided to make an effort to eat a more nutritious and satisfying breakfast and to ask my daughter be a part of that process. She enjoys this time together so much so that she is learning to make breakfast for me, not just with me. It is such a joy to have this time with my fast growing daughter. It only takes a few extra minutes each morning.


One of our favorite quick and healthier breakfasts to make is soft boiled eggs with turkey sausage, roasted potatoes, and whole grain toast with jam from the local farmer’s market. If we are pressed for time we just make the sausage and toast. We use Johnsonville Fully Cooked Breakfast Patties and Links because they take only 40 seconds in the microwave to prepare.


Here are the basics of our favorite morning ritual:

  • First, I put a pot of coffee on for me and pour a glass of juice or milk for my daughter.
  • My daughter microwaves small whole potatoes for 5 to 7 minutes.
  • I cut the potatoes and roast them in a preheated 400 degree oven with a little oil and seasoning for 20 minutes.
  • I soft boil whole eggs for approximately 7 minutes.
  • Just before the eggs and potatoes are finished cooking, my daughter pops whole grain bread into the toaster and microwaves the Johnsonville Turkey Fully Cooked Breakfast Sausage on a paper towel for 40 seconds on the high setting.

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My daughter mans the microwave and toaster stations with confidence while I take care of the oven roasting and egg boiling. We have such a good time chatting and collaborating. We are always so proud of ourselves when it all comes together. We then sit down to a meal that has the protein and fiber we need to fuel us so we can start our day. Mom benefits from the extra “me” time she gets while we prepare the meal.

Johnsonville Fully Cooked Breakfast Sausages are now a staple in our home. The patties and links make our morning routine so easy and they taste great. I am fortunate to be able to spend an extra 30 minutes of quality time with my daughter in the morning. I am teaching her how to use the oven and stove top safely. She has proclaimed that she will soon be the executive breakfast chef in our kitchen.

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The Johnsonville products are full of bold flavors. The Fully Cooked Breakfast Sausages do not disappoint on that front. Try mixing up your morning routine with different fun meals. Egg and sausage sandwiches, baked sausage and potato casserole, and sausage burritos are a few ideas that you and your kids can try. There are kid friendly recipes on the Johnsonville website.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Johnsonville. The opinions and text are all mine.