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For me the best the best thing about Summer is getting outdoors and spending time with my family. On top of that I love to sit outback, watch the kids play, and grill up some Texas BBQ. Now you would have to know me and the way I am. I love my reclining lawn chair, ice cold sweet tea, shade, and some tunes.

This year I stepping up my game out back with a new iLuv SyrenPro bluetooth speaker. This award winning bad boy looks and sounds great.

iLuv SyrenPro

The iLuv SyrenPro

Experience the benefits of TrueWireless Stereo™, which lets you create your own stereo system wirelessly using two SyrenPro® speakers. This outdoor weather-resistant Bluetooth® speaker combines superior jAura® acoustics and unique design elements for a completely stunning sound. It’s perfect for your outdoor party.

iLuv SyrenPro

Ready to Rock Out This Summer

The first thing I like about the iLuv SyrenPro is the weather resistant design. You can take the SyrenPro® to your next outdoor event. Its UV- and splash-resistant coating protects it from exposure to the elements. Whether you’re having a pool party or hanging out at the beach, SyrenPro® is the perfect speaker to bring with you.

On top of the TruWireless Stereo™ feature, I love the incredible sound quality. Equipped with jAura® sound enhancement technology, SyrenPro® provides a perfect balance of high, middle and low range frequencies. It has a 3” co-axial speaker that delivers powerful, high fidelity sound capable of filling rooms and outdoor areas.

iLuv SyrenPro Features

  • True wireless feature – connect SyrenPro® to a second unit wirelessly to create a stereo system
  • Incredible 360° sound
  • Weather/UV resistant
  • Voice prompt for quick and convenient pairing
  • 3” co-axial speaker
  • Rechargeable battery for 4 hours of playtime
  • Aux-in to connect to other devices