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iLuv MobiRock

I normally up for a good review on any kind of tech stuff, so my friends over at iLuv sent over the iLuv MobiRock speaker. This thunderous Bluetooth enhanced speaker sits 8 inches high, and is roughly 15 inches wide (14.9in x 8in x 5in). For me this was the perfect size to sit on the top shelf of our desk. The iLuv MobiRock Bluetooth speaker has that perfect balance of sound quality, and space management.

iLuv MobiRock

Lets Talk iLuv MobiRock Sound

One of the best things I like about this iLuv MobiRock Bluetooth speaker, is the sound quality. Either if your listening at low sound levels, or high output bass thumping sound. The music is extremely clear, free of distortion, and operates without fall.

Hear music like you’ve never heard it before. MobiRock™ uses jAura® Technology, an advance in sound technology that delivers music with exceptional clarity and balance, so you can appreciate sound at its best. You can expect phenomenal, full 3D sound from each finely tuned component of this speaker.

Stream Via Bluetooth

Set the mood from anywhere in the room using Bluetooth technology to stream music straight from your phone. With a Bluetooth connection, changing the track or playing your favorite song has never been easier. NFC technology makes pairing via Bluetooth a simple process. Just touch your NFC-enabled mobile device to MobiRock™ to connect the two devices together.

iLuv MobiRock

Easy Controls with Touch-Sensitive

MobiRock™ features conveniently located controls along the top of the device. These touch sensitive controls are back-lit and contribute to this speaker’s stylish aesthetic. It’s a modern accent that perfectly complements your modern lifestyle.

Charge Your Phone Wirelessly or with a USB

iLuv MobiRock

This is possibly the easiest way to charge your smartphone. MobiRock™ features a wireless charging technology called Qi that powers your phone without cords. Just lay your phone in the cradle and watch it charge! It’s a truly convenient, hassle-free procedure that can simplify your life. Or, the iLuv MobiRock offers a USB port in the rear for your power cord.

What We Think About the iLuv MobiRock

Overall the iLuv MobiRock Bluetooth speaker is a permanent fixture in our home office. The kids like to come in, and jam out with us as we crank up and out some serious tunes. Also, the wireless charging station makes it ultra convenient to charge a Qi enabled device. The handy remote also allows us to control the iLuv MobiRock from a short distance. The MobiRock could be perfect for your living room, kitchen, garage, or office like us.

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