An old, broken-down camper trailer is best sold to a scrap yard. However, towing it to them or enlisting their assistance to remove it are also viable options.

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You could also take it to a landfill, or you could rent a dumpster and put it there.

An aging camper trailer still in good condition might be traded for cash or given to a good cause. Unfortunately, you may not get much for an old, broken-down camper unless you try some creative marketing strategies.

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for freeloaders to become burdensome and unwanted. As a result, in this article, we are going to cover the five tips on how to get rid of an old camper trailer without feeling guilty.

1. Donate the Camper

Giving the junk rv away is a good idea if you’re not desperate for cash. Many charitable organizations accept donations of RVs and campers.

You can search for businesses like these to see if they offer a pick-up service for your camper. Donating a recreational vehicle (RV) or camper to a non-profit charity benefits the environment and may benefit many different groups. Several organizations gladly accept these kinds of contributions online.

2. Sell to Salvage Yard or Scrape

If you’re not keen on giving away your camper, you may always sell it as junk to a salvage yard scrap yard. They can assist you in discarding your used RV. In addition, such groups could be non-profits from which you could potentially benefit financially by donating. But, again, the idea is that the RV must be in terrible shape beyond repair for you to consider selling it for scrap.

3. Dismantle to Sell the Components

The reality is that this could not be feasible for everyone. But if you’re a seasoned traveler who knows their way around an RV like the back of their hand, by all means, take apart your RV.

The investment of time and energy required is explicit. However, selling or reusing the RV’s components is a good option if you dismantle it yourself rather than hiring a professional dismantler.

Contact scrap metal buyers through Scrap Metal. If you sell the parts individually rather than with the RV, you may be able to get a higher price. In addition, knowing how to disassemble the camper and sell off its various components to interested buyers can be a lucrative side business.

Only choose this option if you are incredibly patient, well-versed in RV components, or have access to someone who is. Then, pieces taken apart can be sold independently on marketplaces like Craigslist or eBay.

4. Renting a Dumpster

You may look into paid options if you cannot sell the camper to a local salvage yard or if transporting it there is too much of a hassle. It is possible to get rid of the campers by renting a dumpster hourly.

You may quickly get your camper removed by calling a local garbage collection service. However, the service is not free, so compare prices before committing. Dumpster rental services could be pricey, so you should explore affordable alternatives before resorting to them.

5. Dumping at a Local Dump Station

You can contact the local authorities to find out where you can take it to dump it. Find out how much money it will require to install it there. The cost and hassle of having to tow it there mean this should be your last resort.

Final Thoughts

It may not seem easy to dispose of an old camper. There’s a mountain of paperwork to fill out, and it can be challenging to understand your alternatives. It may also be tough to let go of the memories you’ve made with it over the decades of travel.

But if you’re willing to do the work, you can get excellent answers. A junk shop or scrap yard could be your best option if you need instant cash. Those who aren’t concerned with making a profit can always benefit from the end-of-year tax break. Have fun!

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