A family car is a precious asset as it invokes the happy memories you gather over the years as you drive around with your partner and kids. Your family literally grows in the car. While you treasure the vehicle, you cannot own it forever.

how to scrap your car

Scrapping Your Car

You will have to replace it when it is past its lifespan or does not work for your needs. You may probably want to invest in repair, but scrapping is the only option at some point.

The best you can do is to take some pictures of your family car and send it away to the junkyard. But you must ensure the best value for scrap as the money you make can help you buy a replacement. The good thing is that you can actually make the most of it by taking time to explore your options instead of rushing with the deal. Moreover, you must prep your vehicle for scrapping. Here are some practical tips a frugal car owner can rely on.

Dismantle your personal belongings

A family vehicle houses personal belongings such as toys, pictures, and blankets. You often carry loads of stuff on road trips to keep your kids comfortable. Some items stay in the car for years and become permanent fixtures, even as your children grow up. You will not want these precious memories to go into junk, so dismantle them before selling your car for scrap. Remember to check the storage compartments and trunk because you may find some hidden gems inside them.

Remove valuable parts

Besides dismantling your precious belongings, consider removing valuable parts from your family car before scrapping it. You may have installed a new entertainment system, theft alarm, or other high-value parts in the vehicle. Removing them is a good idea if they are still new because you may consider installing them in your new vehicle. You can save a fortune, and keep a piece of old memories by retaining these valuable parts. Ask a local mechanic to remove them discreetly.

Pull off non-metal elements

Stripping down to just metal is another thing you must do while prepping your car for a scrap yard. Some dealers buy vehicles along their non-metallic parts, so it is better to ask before sealing the deal. Pulling off these elements is a wise decision if they allow you to do it because you may make some extra money. For example, you can pull out the seats or empty the fluids with special tools.

Take off the license plate

The next step is to take the license plate off the vehicle before sending it for scrapping. Several states require car owners to remove it from the automobile upon transfer of title and missing this step can have legal implications. You will eventually have to apply for the cancellation of the vehicle’s title even when you scrap it. The authorities will expect you to present the license plate, so you must have them at hand.

Look for the best deal

Besides preparing yourself and your family car for scrapping, you must find the best deal. In fact, it is the first thing to consider while thinking of how to scrap a car and make the most of it. Look for a scrap removal company that buys for cash to close the process sooner than later. Shop around to find one that offers a fair price, and remember to research the optimal value you may expect for the deal. Sell only to a licensed recycler to get a legit deal. Collaborating with an eco-friendly dealer is a plus if you have a sustainable mindset.

Check the weighing scales

Scrap automobiles are sold by weight, which is mostly measured in tons. More weight translates into a higher value for your scrap vehicle. The good thing about scrapping family cars is that they are bigger and weigh more than smaller ones. You can make good money, but ensure that the dealer uses a certified weight scale. Check with the dealer and read reviews about their reputation as you can trust them more about weighing vehicles legitimately.  

Organize your paperwork

Organizing your paperwork is a good idea, even if the dealer does not ask for the documents. Ideally, you must transfer the car’s ownership to them to eliminate your liability if the automobile is stolen from the yard. The rule regarding the change of title may vary, so check your state’s DMV to prepare the documents before moving ahead with the deal. Besides keeping the ownership documents at hand, cancel your insurance before sending the vehicle off to the yard. It enables you to ditch recurring payments before the policy expires. You may also get a refund if you have already paid the full coverage upfront.

Time the process right

The best piece of advice is to time the scrapping process. You may not want to send away your family vehicle because the thought of it being taken to junk is painful. But it is better to act sooner than later in some circumstances. A vehicle older than 15 years and having 200,000 miles qualifies as junk. Also, you must consider getting rid of it if it is damaged beyond repair after an accident. The repair may cost a fortune, but the vehicle will probably not be the same.

Getting the most out of your old family car sounds like a daunting challenge. You have a sentimental connection with the vehicle in the first place, but you must send it off when the time is right. After all, family cars have a specific lifespan, and you cannot extend it beyond the limit even with the best maintenance. You must accept the truth and go ahead with scrapping when you have to.

Following these tips prepares you for the transition, no matter how challenging it sounds. Removing your personal stuff is crucial from an emotional perspective. Doing the rest enables you to get the best value for the vehicle. You can do the rest by collaborating with a reliable car scrapping company.

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