When selecting windows and doors for your home, it’s essential that you consider more than appearance alone when making your selections.

Professional handyman installing window at home.

Consider factors like energy efficiency, security and maintenance needs before making your final choice for your window & door replacement projects in Canada.

When it comes to window frames, there are numerous choices available – wood, aluminum and vinyl each offering their own set of advantages and disadvantages.


Your windows can make an enormous impactful statement about how your home appears both interior and exterior. Select windows that complement the architecture and design elements of your house for optimal results.

UPVC windows are a top choice in window replacement markets and new house construction projects alike, due to its affordability, dimensionally stable nature and pre-colored options that mimic wood grain patterns. Furthermore, it comes in moulded styles suitable for contemporary and traditional projects alike.

Softwood windows can also offer good value, especially in traditional homes where they can be painted to complement the exterior design. Hardwood is more costly but provides greater strength and longevity compared to softwood.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency should always be at the forefront when making window and glass sliding door purchases, both new and replacements. You want your investments to make an immediate and positive difference in how thermally comfortable your home feels without breaking your wallet too badly.

Start by searching for windows marked ENERGY STAR and reviewed ratings from the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), in order to select the most energy efficient ones available for your home. This will ensure that you select only the highest performing options available, helping you cut down costs on replacement windows in the long run.

Picking out the appropriate window style can also have a tremendous effect on energy performance. Sliding windows tend to be less energy efficient than hinged window styles like casement or awning windows; look for windows with low U-factor and solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) values to minimize energy loss in colder climates while optimizing savings from heating and cooling costs; some of our clients have even reported saving up to 30% annually!


Increased security at your home can make it more difficult for criminals to gain entry. Prioritizing windows and doors with high-quality locks, secure frames, and strong glass can go a long way towards protecting against break-ins. An alarm system with perimeter sensors and glass break detectors is also effective at keeping break-ins at bay; using an indoor siren at 110dB may deter thieves before they are close enough for trigger a sensor sensor.

Modern replacement windows and entry doors often come equipped with enhanced security features, including multi-point locking systems that make it harder for intruders to force open their windows or doors, stronger construction materials that reduce forced entry risks, as well as reinforced frames to withstand tropical storms and hurricanes. All these advancements help increase home safety as well as its resale value.


When purchasing windows and doors for your home, it’s essential that their longevity as an investment be considered as part of its long-term value and return. Their lifespan and energy efficiency will influence its overall cost and return.

Consider how the style of windows and doors you choose fits into the architectural style of your home. Altering their appearance can add balance, create visual interest, and increase symmetry within its symmetry.

Your house’s walls do more than hold up the roof; they provide space for hanging storage units, shelves and art displays – not to mention holding back unwanted sounds! Once you start cutting holes for windows and doors, however, they lose some of their effectiveness in fulfilling these roles; it would be wise to consult a professional in order to maximize wall use in full frame installation projects; these typically involve extensive interior trim reworking as well as exterior framing work which may require drywall repair in some instances.

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