Home improvement has been a growing industry for years. At the height of the pandemic, it really took off with so many homeowners stuck in their houses, discovering quickly that they wanted to make improvements.

Phoenixville, Choosing Between DIY and Contractors for Your Phoenixville, PA Projects, Days of a Domestic Dad

Plus, there was not much else to do anyway. Even after the pandemic crisis abated, this newfound interest in home improvement barely slowed.

Tackling home projects has multiple benefits. First, it can improve the functionality of the home. Second, it can make the house more attractive aesthetically. Third, it can increase the value of the property, which could come in handy when it’s time to sell.

Other benefits include saving on utilities, making the home more comfortable, and providing a goal to accomplish and be proud of.

One of the most important decisions involved in home improvement is whether or not to hire a contractor for the job. Many homeowners love to explore do-it-yourself (DIY) projects to save on labor and feel the satisfaction of the project themselves.

Others would rather trust professionals to do the job right, even if it costs a bit more. Let’s discuss a few examples of projects that would make sense for either DIY improvements or working with contractors.

Projects for DIY

The scale of a project often is the main determining factor for homeowners who are considering DIY. If they feel they have the knowledge and tools to handle such a job on their own or with the help of friends, then it can save some decent money on labor.

Small Deck

Building a deck is a complex project, but it is not so complicated that you cannot do it on your own. There are plenty of video tutorials online from very experienced DIYers who know how to build decks up to code.

As long as you understand the basics of creating strong frameworks and local building codes, a deck is entirely possible to do yourself. You should also understand safety precautions for power tools when doing a project this big.

Kitchen Cabinet Replacements

Another common home improvement happens in the kitchen. Cabinets are usually the most noticeable aspect of a kitchen and are, therefore, popular choices for replacement.

Tearing down old cabinets and replacing them certainly requires handiwork skills, but not enough to disqualify all homeowners. Make sure you research the best way to fasten them so that they are strong.

Flooring Upgrades

Flooring is another type of improvement that homeowners use to increase property value. Often, they are switching from carpeting to hardwood floors or laminate. If you have the right tools for carpet removal, then you can redo the flooring yourself.

Just be prepared to limit usage of the spaces being changed as flooring projects can take a while. Don’t forget to add those extra layers of protection under the laminate or hardwood.

Projects for Contractors

Many types of contractors can help with home improvement, including plumbers, electricians, HVAC specialists, and general contractors. These entities contain teams of professionals who have worked on many homes or commercial properties to ensure projects are done well.

Siding Upgrade

Some projects are so critical to the integrity of your home that they are best left to the professionals. A siding upgrade is a big undertaking that must be done well to ensure your home is protected and insulated from the outside elements.

For example, stucco remediation and replacement should probably be done by a professional and is worth the cost of labor.

Roof Installation

Similarly, your roof is incredibly important if you want the interiors to stay dry and comfortable. While installing a roof can be done with DIY methods if you have experience or know people who do, it is much easier and safer to hire services from a contractor instead.

Full Bathroom/Kitchen Remodel

Bathrooms and kitchens are unique rooms because they both use multiple utilities. That means there are electrical outlets, water connections, and potentially gas hookups all in one room. The complexity of the project makes it wiser to pay for contractors who specialize in these services to do the job. They will ensure that all appliances and fixtures are connected the right way and present no danger to you and your family.

Always Consider the Scale and Difficulty When Choosing

At the end of the day, the decision you make about using a contractor or not should be made based on the complexity and scope of the project. The more complicated it is, the more it makes sense to hire contractors.

However, smaller home improvements are perfectly acceptable for DIY if you do enough research and have all the tools required to finish the job.

Be realistic about your experience and skills. Does any part of the project overwhelm you? Then it is probably a better idea to find professionals in Phoenixville, PA rather than tackle the project alone and do a poor job.

Phoenixville, Choosing Between DIY and Contractors for Your Phoenixville, PA Projects, Days of a Domestic Dad