Gaming sites are forced to attract customers with welcome promotions due to high competition in the field of online gambling. But it is not very profitable for them for one user to receive deposit bonuses many times.

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Those who create multiple profiles are detected and blocked. In this article, we will tell you more about how Gamstop works. Gamstop is a self-exclusion scheme for online gambling in the UK that allows individuals to restrict their access to online gambling sites.

Restrictions and wagering

Players who take part in Zodiac Casino Canada promotions (or their alternatives) without breaking the rules are limited in their ability to win a lot. The main way for casinos to succeed is to create conditions that prevent the use of an effective strategy. Therefore, not the entire amount of the bet is taken into account when wagering, but only a part of it:

  • slots – 100% of the bet;● roulette – 50%;
  • board games – 40%;
  • blackjack, baccarat – 10%;
  • poker – 5%.

Restrictions apply to slots and games, in which the site has a minimal advantage.

Possible additional restrictions:

  • Winning limit and bet size may be taken into account in case of wager redemption;
  • Impossibility to play separate slots, and games;
  • Prohibition on the use of win-win tactics. For example, you can’t bet on black and red or all numbers at the same time;
  • There are withdrawal limits on rewards received from bonus money;
  • Prohibition on the use of certain strategies. It is often not allowed to use a Martingale system based on increasing bets after each loss.

The listed conditions cannot be bypassed – their observance is automatically controlled by the platform. If the user violates the rule, the bet will not be credited or the payout will be canceled. Some casinos have the right to deny a player a withdrawal of winnings if he violates the wagering rules – this is stated in the user agreement. By the way, it is an interesting fact that the most desperate and crazy bonus hunters are Japanese online casino players.

Advantages and disadvantages of bonus hunting

For players looking for a strategy that can increase their chances of winning, bonus hunting is the best option. The activity requires only patience and careful choice of online casino.

  • It minimizes risks. Playing a slot with an RTP of 97%, the long-distance user loses an average of 3% of the total value of bets. But thanks to the bonuses, he gets a chance to stay in the black;
  • Easy to master and use. No need to study confusing strategies and apply complex mathematical calculations;
  • It allows you to invest less of your own money.


  • A positive result is not guaranteed. Sometimes the bonus hunter makes a profit, and sometimes he plays in the red. Even machines with high RTP can bring many failures;
  • In case of a big win, the player cannot withdraw money without winning the bonus. This problem does not arise if you pay with your own money;
  • The casino may accuse you of abusing bonuses and blocking your account;
  • Most reputable sites apply measures to reduce the effectiveness of the strategy.

Bonus hunting seems attractive but whether you’ll win is also affected by luck. Sites give out gifts not only for the first deposit but also for account replenishments, on holidays, etc. You need to learn to use extra money wisely to benefit from it.

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