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Fire safety in a home is very important. With the word of fire safety getting out and families becoming more aware of how to prevent fires in their home, deaths from fires in the home in the United States has gone down a lot over the past several decades. In 1980, 5,200 people died from fires in their home and, in 2013, it had gone down to 2,755. However, one person dying in a fire is one too many. It is the third leading cause of death for children ages two to fourteen. In 2013, 202 children died from fire and smoke inhalation.

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Facts to Keep a Fireproof Home

Another good piece of news is that the amount of deaths connected to three of the four major home structure fire deaths: smoking, heaters, and electricity have drastically reduced. Sadly, there is one that continues to rise. That is death from fires caused by candles. They have gone up by one-hundred and twenty-five percent. The majority of these deaths take place during the fall and winter months which are the two biggest seasons for burning candles. Along with being very careful while burning candles, there are other things that can be done to keep your home fireproof.

The National Safety Council has helpful tips to help a family just in case a fire does hit their home. These facts will help you protect your home from fire. The first step is to install both types of smoke detectors (ionization and photoelectric) and carbon monoxide alarms. People do not need to forget to change the batteries at least once a year (a lot of people make a habit of changing the batteries when they set their clocks forward and back). An escape route needs to be planned and practiced as well and have a set meeting place outside of the home.

Everybody needs to be prepared to help the elderly, children, people with special needs, and pets that live in the home as well. The residents of a home also need to have knowledge of two ways to exit the home. Upon exiting, if the doors are hot, find another way out of the room. Two ways out need to be determined for each room in the house. Residents in the home also need to know how to use the fire extinguisher and to stop, drop, and roll if their clothing catches on fire. After a person has left the house, they do not need to go back into the house to get other people out. To keep children safe, keep them three feet away from anything hot like candles, space heaters, and stovetops. Smoking materials like lighters and matches need to be locked up in a high place; never leave them where children can reach them. Lighters and matches should never be used in front of children. They may choose to imitate the person using them. There is an item that will help protect a family’s important belongings and documents if a fire does happen to take place.

The SentrySafe 1200 Privacy Lock Chest can help keep items private every day and safe during a fire. The main features of this product are the privacy key lock and the carrying handle. This product can survive for an half an hour in heat up to 1550 Fahrenheit. If there is a fire, then SentrySafe will help the people start over by giving them another fire-resistant item. This item is also designed to protect USB drives, CD’s, DVD’s, and portable hard drives. It is a compact and versatile item that is well-liked throughout the whole world. For people that need a lock to keep the items they store outside secure, the wide hardened steel U lock is just the right item for you.

These tips about fire safety and items to protect the belongings inside and outside of a home will help protect a family and their belongings in case of a fire. They are facts that are needed to keep a home fireproof.


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