VidCon is going to be held in Anaheim California, on June 23-25, this year. This is the largest online video conference, which will be hosted, at the Kia main stage at the Kia Arena. This is the fourth year in a row that Kia will be hosting the conference. Here Kia will be featuring four of their award winning vehicles. The vehicles they will be featuring, include; Rio, Soul, Forte and Sorrento. This is the seventh consecutive year of VidCon, and some might ask, what is VidCon? This is the largest multi-genre online video conference; there will also be concerts, and a dance party. There will also be over 21,000 attendees going to the conference. This will definitely influence someone to buy a Kia at some point in their life. Unfortunately, those that are trying, to attend, this conference, that have not purchased tickets, will find it difficult, because the event is already sold out.

Kia at Vidcon 2016

Kia is at Vidcon 2016

Online video has become a massive force of this culture. Kia will have a number of interactive stations, which will be designed to, inspire video innovation. Kia plans to enlighten the next generation of video influencers, and their using VidCon to charge it. The Kia lounge will be providing the attendees a way to amplify their content for the others attending the conference. The parents lounge at this conference will allow parents to see the social media influences their kids are interacting on. This is also a place for the parents to relax. The conference plans on adding security since Christina Grimmies death. Kia Motors of America is said to be the marketing and distribution arm for the whole corporation and just recently set a record selling 600,000 vehicles.

This is a great way for people to get together and learn about Kia and all they have to offer. This is also a wonderful place to go to interact and enjoy oneself while collaborating with others about social media. There will be something for everyone here. Kia Motors of America is the official automotive partner of the NBA and the LPGA. Going to this conference brings fans, creators and industry leaders together to create and celebrate online video and all it stands for. The biggest YouTube stars will be here. There will be three different types of tickets sold, community, which is basically for the regular fans, Creator, for the one actually interested in making content, and Industry which is for more than just creation.