Luigi’s Mansion is one of my favorite video gaming series, all the way back with his first game back on the Nintendo Gamecube. The dark tone of the games was always such a change to the bright and bouncy colors of other Mario games and Luigi’s Mansion 3 further develops this theme. 

Luigi’s Mansion 3

The Story  starts with Luigi being invited to an amazing hotel for a much needed vacation along with Mario, Peach and a few other of his friends. However, things aren’t as what they seem when after everyone checks in the hotel gets a drastic dark makeover and the Luigi now must rescue his captured friends from the ghostly Hotel owner and King Boo.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 goes back to its roots from the first game with being one massive hotel and incorporating a lot of the mechanics from the 3DS game Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. You also have the addition of the new suction shot mechanic where you fire a plunger onto objects and throw them.

Luigi is not completely alone in this adventure, he has a new companion Gooigi who is a jelly-like version of Luigi thus making him a lot more “flexible.” he’s able to squeeze through grates go down drainpipes and help Luigi with a bit more suction power. Just don’t get him wet because Gooigi and water do not mix. the main story can be played single-player or multiplayer co-op with the second player controlling Gooigi. 

Also, there is the Scream Scraper mode which is a multiplayer party mode where you and a lot of other friends are able to play through different floors full of ghostly mini-games. 

Luigi’s Mansion 3 brings back a lot of that original charm the first game had which is my favorite while also keeping in a lot of new mechanics and ideas that have been introduced. 

This game brings a whole lot of charm to Luigi as a character and this game allows Luigi to be the most expressive he’s ever been thanks to the upgraded power of the Nintendo Switch as compared to the GameCube. This game really does feel like a true console successor in the Luigi’s Mansion franchise and this game has become my new favorite in the series