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GoPro has a great selection of cameras to choose from. The GoPro HERO5 Session combines 4K video and beautiful photo quality. One-button simplicity and voice control all in a small, waterproof design. Sign up below for the GoPro giveaway.

GoPro Giveaway - GoPro Hero5 Session

GoPro Hero5 Session

Hands free and relying on such commands as ”GoPro, start recording”. You do not even have to press a button. The sound of your vocal chords are enough to activate the camera and its operations.

You can compact and mount the GoPro HERO 5 Session on any device. Whether it be a tripod or another object. There are even handlebar, seat post, and pole mounts. Some of these are even adhesive or shaped like a tube.

This will allow photographers using the camera to capture new perspectives of familiar photos and subjects. Or those they have never seen before.

The HERO5 Session can even capture 10MP Photos in Single, Burst, Time Lase modes. This camera also enable smooth video footage to be filmed on family trips whether it is taken handheld, or mounted to any camera gear, you are using on vacations.

Amazing how you no longer need to buy a separate digital camcorder because you can capture still and videos all in one camera.

The HERO5 Session is a durable device that enables waterproof shots. You can even take pictures underwater. Possibly from the oceanic perspective. Up close and personal with dolphins, whales, and other sea animals.

Experiences worth capturing with your camera if such photo opportunities arise. A chance most photographers never get. Making it even more valuable.

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You may also access and share for HERO5 Session photos from anywhere. A GoPro Plus account can help you achieve this.

GoPro Giveaway

This camera can also auto upload photos and videos directly to your Cloud App to for viewing, editing, and sharing your material at any time. Whether at home or on the go.

GoPro Giveaway - GoPro Hero5 Session pack

No matter what, the HERO5 Session camera is worth the purchase.

GoPro Giveaway – GoPro HERO5 Session Gift Pack

How would you like to win a GoPro HERO5 Session? You can keep it or give it away as a gift! The choice is yours! I will be giving away one over the next few weeks so enter daily to win!

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