You can get that new GoPro Hero4 Session that you have always wanted, and you can take it with you on your next big family trip. You are opening yourself up to a lot of possibilities when you are using such a cool camera.

GoPro Hero 4 Session

5 Family Fun Ideas to Use a GoPro Hero4 Session

This is going to make your next trip with your kids that much more fun. You have never been able to record things like this before, and now you can get a firsthand account of what happened when your family went on vacation.

The Bike Rides

You can take it on your bike rides, and you can let everyone wear it at some point. This is a pretty cool way to look at all the different parts of your bike rides, and it gives everyone a chance to commentate on what is going on. You get to see it from everyone’s perspective before the ride is over.

Riding Bikes

Zip Line

Taking the rope bridges around many parts of the wilderness allows you to see everything from up high, and it is a really fun time. You can get a pretty good recording of what is looks like to fly through the forest, and you will have a nice video that comes from the person in the family who is willing to look around while they fly through the air.

Simple Car Rides

Car rides around the most beautiful parts of America are really fun because they always give you the best scenery. Someone in the family can take video of everything around you, and you will get commentary from the person that is holding the camera. This is a pretty nice way to document what your trip was like, and you will not miss some of the parts of the trip that might have been missed because you were “just” driving in the car.

Fit The GoPro To The Top Of The Car

This is a different way to get a look at a road trip. You can fix the camera to the top of the car, and you will get to see everything the car sees. This is more like filming a car show, but it is a really cool shot you can get that other people would not get. It also gives you a chance to see what it is like to drive through the wilderness if you are going off-road.

Hang Gliding

You can hook the camera to your helmet when you are hang gliding, and you will get an aerial view of everything you see in slow motion. This is the concept behind a rid at a major amusement park, but you can make your own videos if you are wearing the camera. Everyone can make their own video when they take their turn.

The GoPro Hero4 Session camera you have been dying to use is going to work great when you are on vacation. You can attach it to your helmet, use it in the car or attach it to the car to get the best shots possible.

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