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Did you get that really cool DSLR camera you have always wanted over the holidays? Now you don’t know what to do with it? You might want to consider a small  photography class with Best Buy. Sign up for the next Best Buy Camera Experience for a quick tutorial.

Best Buy Camera Experience

Take Your Photography Skills Up a Notch at the Best Buy Camera Experience

Why should I sign up for the Best Buy Camera Experience? Instead of grabbing a camera and snapping away you might want to consider a quick photography course and below are some good reasons why.

Take Better Pictures: This might seem like a no brainer of a reason, but really a photography course will help you take better pictures from day one and cut off years of mistakes via the trial and error method.

See The World in a New and Exciting Way: There’s something about looking at the world through the lens of a camera that makes you see the world in a new and exciting way. A photography class can enhance that experience making it well worth the money.

Best Buy Camera Experience

Capture Memories: In this era of camera phones, people take pictures all the time. However a photography course will show you how to find the right picture that will completely capture that memory.

Save Money: Since the Best Buy Camera Experience is free, you are saving from needing to pay for a costly coarse. It will pay for itself over time with reduced wasted film, wasted equipment and wasted time.

Best Buy Camera Experience

Explore Your Creativity: Unlike most creative endeavors, photography allows you to explore your creativity from day one. Moreover, in a way you have something to show for your time. Very few artists want to display their earlier works but photographers have work that shows their creativity from the beginning.

Best Buy Camera Experience

How do I sign up? You would register for the Digital Photography workshop in one of the Camera Experience Shops at Best Buy store (75 Stores Nationwide) most convenient you. If you are in the Dallas Texas area, you have an extra incentive to go. Attendees of the Dallas location (the 3 listed below), can enter to win up to $1,500 in prizes from Best Buy and Sony.

  • Best Buy #58 Park Lane – Saturday 1/30 from 10:00am – 12:00pm
  • Best Buy #148 Grapevine – Saturday 1/30 from 10:00am – 12:00pm
  • Best Buy #180 Frisco – Saturday 1/30 from 10:00am – 12:00pm