A garage is among the spaces most likely to suffer from the clutter problem. More often than not, it piles up pretty quickly. This may be due to a lack of a proper way to manage the items you have in the garage, or just that you don’t have the time to make it look neat.

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Good Garage Solutions

Also, most people will store away anything they don’t find helpful in the garage.

When you realize that your garage often looks messy, maneuvering the space is harder, and it’s getting difficult to locate items when you need the most, you might need to declutter your garage space. Here are a few good solutions you could put into use if your garage is constantly cluttered.

1. Curate a Good Storage Plan

One of the most common mistakes people make is storing anything and everything in their garages. This is a common cause of constant cluttering. If you have to store unused stuff in there, be sure to have a good plan. A plan here means knowing what to keep in the garage, with a specific place to position each item based on the garage layout.

Most importantly, not everything needs to be stored in the garage. You can reduce clutter and create more room in your garage by identifying items that could be sold, disposed of, or stored elsewhere. This means looking for external storage in your local area for items you’d rather hold on to. If you hail from Singapore, there are numerous storage facilities to approach. Consider narrowing your search down and finding storage in Clementi if you come from Singapore’s West Region. While at it, you will want to think about the size, accessibility, distance from your home, and the features provided.

2. Take Everything Out and Sort Them 

After years or several months of stacking items up in the garage, you probably don’t even know what’s in there. This is another probable reason it is often cluttered. Sorting the stuff inside your garage space can help create room for cleaning and keeping it organized. It makes the whole process more manageable when you have the garage space empty.

3. Arrange Items Systematically 

You can always tell the items you need every day, weekly, monthly, or even after a year. Your specific needs can guide you on how to keep your garage organized to avoid constant cluttering. Items that are required more often should be strategically placed for easy accessibility.

In other words, mixing up the things you need daily and those that you rarely use is what possibly leads to constant garage cluttering. You can have separate areas for these items based on how often you need them.

4. Invest in Smart Storage Techniques 

Most people have their garages as ample open spaces. However, if only you could personalize the place and get some shelves in there, cluttering wouldn’t be a problem anymore. You could look up some smart garage storage ideas online and integrate them into your own. You would be surprised at how much space you could create in your garage. Maximizing the space you have is one of the best ways to make your garage look neat and avoid cluttering.

5. Get Rid Of Items You Don’t Need 

It’s human to get attached to some items that you may no longer need. However, as earlier mentioned, it could be a great idea to eliminate some of the items you don’t need. They inhibit you from accessing what you need, and in some cases, they constitute the clutter you need to get rid of. This can help you to solve the cluttering problem.

6. Declutter Often 

Good as you may be in decluttering your garage; it will get cluttered up one way or the other. When that happens, it’s good to take some time and tidy the place up. You could set a specific time for this, so you avoid the need to get everything out once more. Keeping the space ever tidy and organized will go a long way in preventing the need for constant decluttering.

Your garage can quickly get cluttered up, more so if it’s used as a storage room for items you no longer need or use. Constant decluttering can be a hassle that most people don’t want to be part of. That being said, you could use the solutions given in this piece to make sure your garage is ever neat.