Fruit Shoot, Convenient, Easy Choice for Families on the Go: Fruit Shoot Drinks, Days of a Domestic Dad

Convenient, easy choice for families on the go: Fruit Shoot Snacks and Drinks

Fruit Shoot Snacks are the convenient easy choice for on the go juice for the family on the go most flavors having no added sugar, like apple and berry burst, so you won’t have to worry about extra sugar in your child’s diet while staying active and hydrated. These on the go juices help to keep kids hydrated while they are active and do not require them to stop. Fruit Shoot Snacks are making adventures for active families and children.

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These wonderfully tasty juices come in so many flavors and brightly colored bottles that it makes them easy for kids to want and drink. Fruit Shoot Snacks are resealable and easily carried without wasting sticky juice in bags os trips. The no added sugar option makes them an easy choice for parents who don’t want their child to consume too much sugar. They are a healthy and easy option for parents who want to not have to fuss with extra cups or thermos on trips.

I have used Fruit Shoot snacks during many family trips. When my family went to the Point of Rocks hiking trial, we packed Fruit Shoot Snacks to help ensure our kids stayed hydrated without the added mess or fuss. The resealable juice containers made them easy to pack and store while we hiked on the mile and a half trail. The kids loved the flavor, and it helped us to keep them hydrated without the struggle of fighting over water. As a mother, I was not worried about high fructose corn syrup or too much sugar. They were easy to pick up, because most major convenience stores and grocery stores carried them.


 Fruit Shoot Snacks have been a delicious and healthy choice that my family makes when needing to pack drinks and snacks for the kids. They are small enough for younger kids to hold, but delicious enough for any child to want. The brightly colored bottles attract our younger children, while the delicious flavors keeps our older child coming back for more. The easily resealable cap makes them easy for all ages to use. They are a great choice for active kids, and parents who want a convenient and healthy option that is easily to find. Since most stores carry them three dollars and under, they are not hard to find. Fruit Shoot Snacks can be followed on Facebook to see the latest news, discounts, and other contests.