Situated in the southern region of Utah, St. George is an ultramodern city with bearable climatic conditions. St. George is home and a neighbor to numerous tourist attractions and national parks.

Things To Do In St. George, Utah

Things To Do In St. George, Utah

Moreover, like most cities in the United States, St. George offers a range of activities to enjoy and learn, an escape from reality, rich history, and beautiful architecture. As it is heavily Mormon-influenced, you can find glimpses of it in pretty much everything – from monuments to busy places to famous sites.

If you’re planning a trip here, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the many things you can do either alone or with loved ones in St. George.

Visit St. George Temple

Starting with the places of worship, this is a magnificently built temple. Its inception dates back to 1872 and shortly after it came into existence. Although only followers of Mormonism are allowed to enter the premises, a visitor center is set up for the public to come and learn about the religion. The temple is big enough for one to locate from any part of the city as it’s in a beautiful and central location. Moreover, as it is bright white, anyone can spot it.

Choose your abode wisely

The first thing you need to do when planning your trip to St. George is to choose a vacation rental. This is where you come back every night after a day of fun-filled activities and traveling. You will want a neat and clean room where you can rest without worrying about petty problems. Consider doing extensive research on the available vacation rentals in St George Utah to pick the one with the best amenities. By choosing the right rental, you will enjoy your trip without worrying about your belongings or the facilities you will receive.

Visit one of the many parks

*drumroll* These parks also include hiking trails. All of them!

  • Pioneer Park: It’s a great place to spend your day disentangling. Situated upwards of downtown, it is a beautiful place with a rocky landscape. Many people come here to enjoy a picnic or BBQ on the picnic grounds, making it a perfect family trip. That speaks for itself. It’s ideal for picnics and other family activities. Most of the covered area is beautiful red rocks, and the park stretches over 52 acres. It serves as a place to walk for people of all ages because of the uneven yet awe-striking terrain. While walking, the historical pioneer cabin and the Boy Scout Cave serve as pit stops. Pioneer Park is the ideal getaway if you want peace of mind.
  • Sand Hollow State Park: Perhaps the largest park in all of Utah, Sand Hollow State Park is adjacent to the equally famous Sand Hollow Reservoir. From a beach to a lake, this park has it all. The dunes lead to the water, forming a beach that’s too good to be true. Not so far away, you can see snow-covered mountains. That goes to show the diversity of this park. The park has everything mentioned before and activities in each part, spread over a whopping 20,000 acres. The activities available here include off-roading, boating and sailing on the beach and lake, biking, horse riding, camping with full, partial, and no hookup options, and trekking. That’s a whole lot of activities for one park, no? Well, make the most of it!
  • Town Square Park: A comparatively smaller park, this is a great place to kill some time in the afternoon. If you or your younger loved ones enjoy being in or around water, this park has a river and mini water park, amongst many other water-related activities. It also has some beautifully restored structures that are a treat for history lovers.
  • Quail Creek State Park: Similar to Sand Hollow State Park, Quail Creek State Park has a lake for fishing, swimming, and other water activities. The park also has one of the best camping sites in the city and is dirt cheap.

Visit Kayenta’s Art Village

A mostly vehicle-free area, this place is full of art galleries, studios, and outdoor cafes. For art enthusiasts, this village is a must-visit!

Go to an aviation museum

The Western Sky Aviation Warbird Museum is the most famous aviation museum in all of Utah as it has a collection of jets. The best part is that the museum is free, and you can get into the cockpits of all the planes to see the good stuff up close and personal.

Dinosaur Discovery Site

Thanks to intense preservation, you can see precisely where dinosaurs once walked. There are multiple tracks of different dinosaurs from back then. Moreover, the museum also has life-sized dinosaurs to give the visitors an idea of what made the footprints.

Educate your children – go to St. George’s Children’s Museum

Built inside an oldfangled and historic building is St. George’s Children’s Museum. The museum is ideal for children as there are multiple activities and intriguing artifacts. Here children can play various instruments, recreate government meetings, etc. Through these, they can learn about the city’s history without compromising on fun.

Please your eyes by visiting a garden

As the name states, Red Hills Desert Garden is a picturesque garden situated in a desert. With over 5,000 plants, the garden is an absolute beauty. The vibrancy of the colored plants is so high that it shines bright against the hot red soil. Each plant has its name written on a steel plate. There’s also a water stream that’s home to endangered species of fish. You should seriously consider going here, given how breathtakingly beautiful this place is.


All in all, St. George is home to some of the most beautiful sites worldwide. There are innumerable activities to do here, from cycling to hiking to swimming to fishing to sailing. People of all ages can come here and find something for themselves that makes them happy.

Choose the places that suit you best from the list above and make your trip a memorable one!

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