Going on vacation is always a worthwhile endeavor for anyone and everyone. Perhaps you’ve been working too much lately, or it’s simply been forever since you’ve last been on one. In any case, you can always find an excuse not to book a trip somewhere, but at the same time, you can always set aside a budget and go for it.

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Of course, the next step is to consider where to go in the first place! The world is a big place, so how can you possibly decide on one destination?

This article will provide you with more details as to why Utah needs to be on your bucket list this year, and what you can experience when you visit this state. There’s a good chance that you will enjoy it so much you will want to go back!

Finding a vacation rental place

Once you have booked your plane, train or bus ticket, depending on where you are, it’s important that you find your place of accommodation. The longer you wait to book this, the greater the likelihood that you won’t find something within a reasonable price range.

For instance, say you want to visit Powder Mountain in Utah. This is a great place to go in both the summer and winter, but it also attracts a vast number of other tourists each other as a result of the landscape and activities that you can do while you are there. The solution, then, is to use online websites, such as VacationRenter, to find a place where you can spend the night with your friends or family.

, Top Destinations for Utah, Days of a Domestic Dad

Bryce Canyon National Park

Utah is known to have a wide variety of national parks that you can visit! There are so many, and all of them are so beautiful to gaze at, that there’s no doubt you will be left with your mouth open when you visit any one of them.

For now, take the example of the Grand Canyon. There’s no doubt that you have seen photos of this place in calendars and on book covers. It’s an incredibly famous spot, and many people from all over visit it in order to hike there.

The soft sandstone of the rocks and the arches are amazing to behold and photograph.

Zion National Park

Yet another popular national park in Utah is Zion. Zion translates into heavenly mountain, and the nature that you find here is one that will inspire anyone that visits it.

, Top Destinations for Utah, Days of a Domestic Dad

Monument Valley

You have no doubt heard of Monument Valley or at the very least have seen a number of photographs of this place, whether it was on your Instagram or in a book. It’s even been used as a film location for movies such as Back to the Future 3.

Overall, Monument Valley is not only iconic to Utah, but the whole of the United States as well.

, Top Destinations for Utah, Days of a Domestic Dad

Lake Powell

If hiking along stone arches and gazing at the aforementioned national parks isn’t something that you are interested in, you can always choose to visit one of Utah’s famous lakes as well, particularly, Lake Powell. This is the second-largest humanmade reservoir in the USA.

Salt Lake City

You can’t possibly visit Utah without going to Salt Lake City. It is the capital, and it is also the largest city in this State. As with any city, it offers a wide number of popular attractions, but you can also visit some museums in order to learn more about the history of this particular state.

, Top Destinations for Utah, Days of a Domestic Dad

Ski resorts

If you are planning on visiting Utah in the winter, it’s also a great place that offers a wide number of ski slopes. One example of this is Powder Mountain, and simply the drive to it is amazing to experience.

Although you can always choose to go anywhere on vacation, it would be in your best interest to choose a destination that you are personally excited about. On the other hand, you also want to make sure that this place has plenty of activity options for what you can do in the first place. As this article has clearly demonstrated, Utah is such a place.