DoDD Review Disclosure

When was the last time you had one of those memorial moments in life? It may have been a birthday, graduation, special date, wedding or out of this world experience. To me each one of those, have their own specific meaning in my life. A few weeks ago I add another out of this world experiences to my long list of well remembered memories.

It started when our local Verizon Team invited a small group of people out to the George Strait Cowboy Rides Away Tour. After lifted myself of the floor I know this would be a night of EPIC portions, being it was the last leg of the tour. Verizon invited us, which included a few friends of mine, to their suite at formally know Cowboys Stadium where the Dallas Cowboys play.

When the day came for the concert, we showed up in true country style with our Justin Boots and jacked up Ford F-250 pick-up. The stadium was packed with tail-gaters and George Strait fans. We made our way to the Verizon Wireless suite, to be greeted with a new hat and goodies. Our Verizon team treated us to food and drinks to suit a king, even “King George”.

Reliving the George Strait Concert One Tweet at a Time

What better way to remember an event like this, than with tweets and pictures. Enjoy a few of my social shares on Twitter that still seem so real.

Time to Tailgate

Love the View

My Wife & BBF @7onaShoeString

Tons of Guest Stars

Ending the Night With Fun

Thank You George Strait

There you have it! Thanks to #GoVerizon I was able to see the king of country music in his last touring act. The best part, I got to share it with a few friends!

If I haven’t mentioned it, I was provided a ticket to the Verizon suite at the formally know Cowboys Stadium. All tweets, comments, and crazy stuff was completely on my own!