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Traveling is a great way for kids to see the world. When you bring kids with you on a vacation, you help them help them understand other cultures. Traveling with kids, however, can be stressful. Help overcome this problem with a few wise and thoughtful travel hacks that will make traveling easier for everyone.

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Easy Travel Hack Just for You

Careful attention to detail and advanced preparation are the keys to a successful trip.

Prepare For Getting There

Even if you’re only going a few hours in a car, you still want to help your kids avoid boredom. One of the best ways to do that is with the use of the right tools. Bring along a few kinds of toys and games that can help stave off restlessness. Head to your local Walmart or game store. Look for travel-sized versions of your kid’s favorite board games. Even a deck of playing cars like Uno on Crazygames can help kids concentrate on having fun rather than how long it’s going to take to get there. Even the little ones can enjoy simple games with large pieces that won’t get lost.

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Keep Messes to a Minimum

Another way to make your travels more smooth is to keep that mess to a minimum. Kids can be excited when they’re up in the air on an airplane or meeting Mickey Mouse. You don’t want to spend your time doing laundry. To avoid the mess, bring Johnson face wipes to stay fresh while on the go. They’re easy to keep on hand and convenient, we got ours at Walmart. You can swipe the ice cream off your child’s nose before it hits the floor just in time to take the perfect picture to post on Facebook for Granny to show off to her friends.

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Staying Healthy

Traveling often means a lot of eating out. Avoid the endless days of greasy snacks and save money at the same time. Buy a plastic box with several compartments before you leave. Fill it with many different snacks in a variety of colors and textures. Dried fruit such as peaches, apple slices and prunes are a popular choice as well as carrot sticks and nuts. Your kids will appreciate the opportunity to pick out a snack and you’ll know you’re giving them at least one healthy thing each day.

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Rewarding Good Behavior

Children sometimes feel a little overwhelmed when they’re on vacation. They may not be on their best behavior. Help encourage the kids to remember their manners no matter where they are. Get large paper clips for each of your kids. Assign a color or a letter to each child. Place the paperclip in front of the backseat or your purse where they can see it. Tell your kids that if they’re behaving well, they should be able to see their paperclip. If the paperclip isn’t visible, this means they need to behave better or they may be asked to miss out on a specific treat such as a favorite ride or snack.