All Hail King Julien is back for another season on Netflix #StreamTeam

“All Hail King Julien” is back for another season on Netflix. If you remember where the last episode left off, King Julien’s kingdom was overthrown by Koto, the leader of the Mountain Lemurs. Julien and his sidekick/advisor escaped their temporary prison inside the kingdom on Madagascar Island with the help of Mort, who wasn’t lucky enough to get away. Without a solid plan, King Julien and Maurice ventured out to sea in an old submarine in search of allies to help take back his throne.


All Hail King Julien Exiled

In the upcoming season of “All Hail King Julien: Exiled” the very skillful Clover, along with Mort, will stop at nothing to find their king. Each character will endure a personal journey in the quest to regain the throne for Julien, their somewhat quirky king.


My girls and I are pretty excited that this new season will debut on Netflix on Friday, May 12th. After a long week of school for the kids and my obligations as their dad, we are psyched to be able to spend Friday evening together watching the latest episode of this fun and heroic saga. It is a great time of relaxation, laughter, and bonding for us as a family. This is when we chill.

If you aren’t caught up with all the action, you can tune into Netflix and stream episodes of the last 4 seasons. We sometimes like to go back and rewatch in case we missed something or just want another good laugh.


Mark your calendar to see what ensues when King Julien reconnects with Uncle King Julien, some questionably friendly lemur ladies, and the despicable Karl. DreamWorks has teamed up with Netflix, yet again, for what is likely to be another great season of animated fun. We are pretty sure there will be a lot more exceptional dancing, as that is what Julien seems to be best at.

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Watch the trailer of season 5, episode 1 here to catch a glimpse of what King Julien is about to encounter in “All Hail King Julien: Exiled”.

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