Are you ready for a super-premium tequila experience? Don Julio 70 Anejo Claro Tequila celebrates the 70th anniversary of the brand, bringing you a silver tequila that’s smooth, satisfying, and full of flavor. Don Julio 70 launched some months ago, and it’s taking time to find its way down to retailers, bars, clubs, and restaurants.

Wha is Don Julio 70 White Anejo

However, we assure you that it’s worth the wait. Don Julio 70 tequila has to be the top tequila in the world. We all know the reputation of the Don Julio 1942. It’s become a staple in the premium tequila market and one of the best brands available at any liquor store or bar.

When we look at the brand’s marketing information on Don Julio 70 White Anejo. We find all the classic word salad we’re looking for when choosing a premium tequila.

Don Julio ages its 70 Anejo Claro Tequila for 18-months in American oak barrels. Allowing for the sweet taste of the agave to develop over time.

Don Julio receives aging and careful filtering in Kentucky bourbon barrels repurposed for its tequila. The result is a colorless liquid with a rounded flavor and sharp, smooth scent.

So, is Don Julio 70 the best tequila on the market? Does it deserve a spot on the table at your next gathering with friends? Should you order a few shots at the bar to impress your partner? Let’s unpack everything you need to know about this delicious super-premium tequila.

The Birth of a White Anejo

When it comes to the silver tequila market, there are tons of brands. Choose from the good old Jose Cuervo to Casamigos and dozens more. However, none of them can hold a candle to Don Julio. Don Julio is the world’s first “Super-premium” tequila brand, offering a range of fine tequila products that are leagues ahead of anything else available.

When the Young Julio Gonzalez first founded the Don Julio brand. He did it with the intention of launching a premium luxury tequila people would drink like an aged malt whiskey. Sure, it’s great in shots, but savoring some Don Julio 70 White Anejo over ice is the way to really enjoy this fine liquor.

Don Julio ages the 70th-anniversary Anejo in white oak barrels to filter the impurities out of the tequila. Leaving a crystal-clear liquor that retains all the best properties of the Blue Agave plant. Don Julio states that the Don Julio 1970 edition is its pinnacle of success in master distilling. The company believes this new edition to its range to be the best super-premium product ever distilled.

When sipping on a glass of Don Julio over ice, you’ll have time to note the aromas and flavors of the agave while enjoying a smooth feel in your throat with every sip that’s uncharacteristic of tequila.

Don Julio 70 Tequila – It’s all in the Taste

Surprisingly, I found my first bottle of Don Julio 70 tequila in a Mexican grocery store. I almost had to stop and blink twice at the sight of the bottle. I had seen the marketing for the 70th Anniversary edition, but I had yet to see it in stores. Finding it at a local Mexican store was a surprise, and I immediately lurched on the chance to purchase it.

Leaving the store with the bottle, I was half inclined just to throw the groceries away and sprint home to open the bottle and have a sip. However, I restrained myself, with the thought of that first sip on my mind the entire train ride home.

After arriving back at my apartment, I pulled out the bottle from the grocery bag and forgot to pack away the rest of my purchases. I was so excited.

The look of the bottle is unique and something entirely different from the Don Julio 1942 edition. The clear smoky glass and the black hardwood stopper on the top of the bottle give the classic Don Julio appeal, with raised lettering on the front and black font. The smoked glass feels rough in your hands, giving you plenty of grip on the bottle when pouring.

The squat nature of the bottle comes from Don Julio’s wish to keep it on the table. In Mexico, people will keep the bottle under the table, so it doesn’t interfere with the eye line of their friends at the table. The short stature of the bottle allows you to keep the bottle on the table without disturbing your conversation or view of your friends.

The bottle features a ribbon woven into the neck, displaying the Don Julio 70th Anniversary labeling. I could barely contain myself as I pulled on the stopper, releasing it from the neck of the bottle with that synonymous “pop” you get with every bottle of Don Julio.

Don Julio 70 White Anejo Tequila Cocktails

Coincidentally, the “70” in Don Julio 70 White Anejo also gives you an indication of the price, I picked up my bottle for $77, but I’m sure you find it for a lower price at a premium bottle store. You can pick up a bottle in Mexico for as little as $50.

There are plenty of other premium tequila brands available at this price and many more with higher price tags. So, what makes Don Julio 70 worth the money and a better choice over other premium Blanco tequila products?

After popping off the top of the bottle, I poured myself a shot in a whisky tumbler, adding a few blocks of ice to chill the liquor. After giving it half a minute to acclimatize to the introduction of the ice, I took my first sip while watching the sunset on my balcony.

I have to admit; there’s no other sliver tequila that tastes quite like Don Julio 70. Typically, I avoid silver tequila as it’s just too rough, opting for the gold instead. However, with this Anejo, Don Julio makes a silver tequila with the mouthfeel and aftertaste of gold tequila in a silver product.

I noticed a delicate, smooth, and refined taste from the first sip, with the Blue Agave dancing across my taste buds. This tequila is so soft it’s sort of like what you expect from refined, chilled vodka, more than tequila.

There’s no rough feel or catching on the throat and no aftertaste of jet fuel that you get with so many other tequila brands. Don’t get me wrong, I love the bite of good tequila, but that’s not what we’re going for when we drink Don Julio 70.

Typically, silver tequila is the unrefined version of the gold and silver types. However, with Don Julio 70, you get a triple-distilled liquor that’s as smooth as gold, with the mouthfeel of a premium whisky. As you take a sip, the scent of the blue agave hits your nose, exciting the mind.

By the time you finish admiring the aroma, the taste lingers on your tongue, and it’s time for another sip. Almost all tequila manufacturers don’t bother distilling or aging silver tequila in casks, and that’s what makes the difference with Don Julio 70.

The aging process takes place in American white-oak barrels, filtering the impurities out of the tequila with nothing but time. The time spent in the oak adds new flavor and aroma profiles to the tequila. I noticed strong tones of vanilla and oak, with light notes of marshmallow.

The taste of the tequila doesn’t linger in your throat or sinus, preparing you for the next sip. It’s like Don Julio decided to combine the best characteristics of the Blanco and Anejo products, blending them into this fantastic tequila.

While some hardcore tequila enthusiasts will complain about the lack of sharp tones and roughness to this tequila, plenty of people can appreciate the smooth tone of the liquor. Using Don Julio 70 in cocktails makes for a tasty treat that doesn’t take away flavor from the other ingredients in the drink.

Just to make sure, I mixed myself a frozen Margherita for the first time in over five years. I have to say I don’t remember why I stopped drinking margaritas, but they’re going to be a staple from now on.

The light, smooth, refined taste of the blue agave mingles with the lemon and triple sec in the drink, producing a bevy of amazing flavor combinations. It’s so much better than the standard Blanco tequila used in your average Margherita.

Don Julio 70 Tequila – The Verdict

If you’re a fan of silver tequila or tequila in general, then you can’t miss out on the Don Julio 70th Anniversary Edition. This tequila is world-class and the best brand I’ve had in a while. It goes down well straight, over ice, or in mixed drinks, adding versatility to the cocktail menu.

The next time you’re at a bar, order a shot and check it out for yourself. As mentioned, it was challenging to find Don Julio 70 at bottle stores earlier in the year. However, it’s now readily available online.

We recommend visiting our favorite online liquor store to pick up a bottle for yourself.