Although there’s no scientific formula for applying cologne, there are definitely some practices that aren’t doing you any favors.

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If you’re going to splurge on cologne, you may as well be applying it correctly to ensure you get the most out of it. Here are some of the most common mistakes men make when using their cologne and how to fix them.

Applying too much

Everyone has been there. You walk past another person and hit their cologne like a wall. You shouldn’t be dousing yourself in cologne before you walk out the door. Not only will the smell be way too overwhelming, but you’ll also waste a lot of product unnecessarily. Cologne is typically quite intense in fragrance anyway, and a little bit goes a long way.

One of the best ways you can pace yourself when it comes to applying cologne is opting for a monthly cologne delivery, like from You’ll get just enough to last you through the month, so you’re less likely to start dumping the cologne all over yourself.

Spraying it in the air and walking through it

You may have seen this in a movie or on TV, but it doesn’t work. You might be spraying your cologne in the air and walking through it to avoid over-applying. In reality, the majority of your precious fragrance is ending up on the floor. On top of that, you need to apply your cologne to your body for it to be effective. The light misting that may touch you from this application method will not last more than a few minutes.

Spraying it onto your clothes

For your cologne to activate and achieve its unique and personal scent, you need to apply it to your skin. Your natural body heat will help the aroma emit from you, rather than the flat scent you will get when spraying on your clothes. Although, if you’re boiling hot and going to be sweating profusely, you may want to avoid it. Sweat and cologne don’t mix. It will also last a lot longer on your skin than it will on your clothes.

Rubbing the cologne into your skin

Always aim to spray on your cologne and allow it to air dry, even if you’re in a rush. By rubbing it in you will drastically reduce the length of time it will be effective. You are breaking down the fragrance quicker by causing unnecessary friction and heat, which means that it will instantly be much duller. If your cologne doesn’t have a spray nozzle, then place your finger over the opening and tip it over to get some of the liquid. Gently dab it onto your skin, without any rubbing.

Applying cologne isn’t rocket science, but the above mistakes are common since you can’t exactly find strategies for using cologne in a textbook. By avoiding these mistakes, you can ensure that your cologne is effective all day, smells great, and lasts you as long as possible.