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Does the high cost of prescription medications have you baffled? I dread going to the pharmacy to pick up what we need for our family of 7.

I can also sense that the pharmacist is a bit apologetic for how much the meds cost.

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She suggested we look into some discount medication savings programs.

Discount Medication

Optum Perks is a solution I checked out. I was a little concerned that there was a catch and I would have to pay a fee for the service. I was happy to learn that this program is free with no sign-up required.

Optum Perks is an app that allows you to search for discounted medication at the best prices at pharmacies in your area.

You are able to download a discount coupon on your phone to use at the pharmacy of your choice.

How Optum Perks Works

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With 5 kids, everything counts when it comes to being smart with our spending habits. With the savings from Optum, I am able to put a little extra cash aside for the things that we can enjoy as a family.

Such as renting a fun movie, enjoying a meal from our favorite restaurant, and spending a day at our local museum or playing a round of mini-golf.

With accumulated savings, we can put that toward a vacation.

Which App Gives Best Discount on Medicines

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The program is easy to use to save money. Start by going to the Optum website on your smartphone. Download the app.

Search the medication to see if there are any discount coupons and search for a pharmacy near you that accepts the coupon.

Generally, you can save up to 80% of the price of your prescription without using insurance.

Screenshot of the Optum Perks app, searching for different types of medications

You can locate pharmacies in your area and compare discounts so you get the best deal.

Once you have found the best price, print, text, or email your coupon. Then, show it to your pharmacist and save money.

Why I Chose Optum Perks

Optum is a health and innovation company that works with drug manufacturers to secure lower prices that can be passed on to the consumer so you don’t have to skip taking life-saving meds.

Anyone can use this discount program to save money on medications, even if you don’t have insurance.

There is no membership, no fee, and no personal information needed. Just search, find a coupon and save. It’s pretty simple.

Download the Optum Perks app on your Andriod or favorite Apple device, and start saving now!

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