We’re Rounding Up the Top Daddy Bloggers for 2022, so let’s check out a few Dad Blogger(s).

Fathers mean so much to their kids and families, and studies have shown that children with an active and engaged father have healthier behaviors, higher self-confidence, and an easy time socializing.

DODD BLOG Top 12 Daddy Blogger

Top Daddy Bloggers

So it’s odd that finding blogs on how to best parent as a father is so complex and time-consuming!

In this article, we’ve wanted to share our list of the top daddy blogs, in no particular order; these offer great tips on raising a family, offer support on how to navigate through the trials, tribulations, and joy of being fatherhood as well as being entertaining reads we’re sure fellow dads will enjoy.

First, A Bit About Me!

I’m a Dallas blogger who married my high school sweetheart. Together we’ve raised five kids, four girls and one boy. I know… you’re tired just thinking about it!

My youngest is 13 and my older is married with two children of her own. So I guess I’m now not only a daddy blogger but a grandpa blogger too! (That list will have to come later!)

As a daddy blogger myself, I wanted to share my fellow fathers’ work, so that more people can find access to this helpful corner of the internet and get solidarity with men they can relate to. Below is my list of the top 12 dad blogs.

Days of a Domestic Dad Top 12 Dad Blogs

1. The All Around Dad Blog | Fatherly

Fatherly is a one-stop shop for all things dad, from the best movies for kids to financial planning strategies, health education, and more. If you want a website that covers everything and anything related to being a dad, Fatherly is for you.

2. LGBTQIA / Travel Blog |  2 Dads With Baggage

2 Dad With Baggage is a blog written by two dads who are raising two daughters. It offers travel tips and information along with stories about their family and lives. This blog is great for those who love to explore as these dads have taken their kids with them as they traveled the world.

3. Positivity Blog | All Pro Dad

All Pro Dad is a site where fathers can learn about how to best parent with intention. This blog is about inspiring positivity and embracing your role as a dad. Additionally, the site offers ways to connect with other dads from meetups to events!

4. Child Development | Dad Or Alive

Dad Or Alive is unique in that the website offers optimistic and entertaining blogs about being a dad, along with blogs based on where a child is at in their development. They offer blogs for expectant dads all the way through tweens and teens. This blog is great for dads with specific questions or challenges as well as single dads parenting on their own.

5. Technology Blog | High Tech Dad

Worried about your kids’ use of social media or wondering how much is too much screen time? High Tech Daddy blogger is written by a father of three whose in-depth knowledge of technology and skills as a journalist help him cover topics such as how-to’s on tech and how to keep kids safe as they explore the internet.

A list of top dad blogs 2022

6. Budget-Conscious Blog | Skint Dad

This blog is the budget-conscious dad’s dream! Skint Dad is designed to help keep our checkbooks balanced and offer money-saving techniques without sacrificing the joys of life. Skint Dad is about giving fathers the information they need to budget, find deals and savings, and even offer ways to make additional income and land a new job.

7. Laugh Out Loud Blog | Dad and Buried

Sometimes, as dads, we just need a laugh, and Dad and Buried provides just that. It’s a hilarious blog written by a father of two who is just simply to “make it through” fatherhood and do the right thing for his kids. Executive Dysfunction is a post that’s not to be missed, as the writer goes over cleaning out his son’s backpack who has been recently diagnosed with ADHD. As you can imagine, hilarity ensues.

8. First-Timers Blog | Direct Advice for Dads

Direct Advice for Dads or DAD gives practical advice from dads at every stage of child development and covers a wide array of topics from miscarriages to failed attempts at DIY-ing or do-it-yourself furniture. It’s full of insight, depth, and fun making it great for first-time dads.

9. Quicker Blog | I Think Therefore I Dad

Self-titled, “The Thoughts of an Average Dad,” I Think Therefore I Dad is written by a father who’s doing his best and makes many common mistakes along the way as he tries to mindfully parent his three kids. There’s a nice mix of humor, sincerity, and quirkiness in this blog, and it’s consistently a great read.

10. Foodie Blog | Lunch Box Dad

Lunch Box Dad is one of one my favorite daddy bloggers! Beau is skilled in the kitchen and offers a ton of great tips on cooking in general, but it also offers creative ways to make killer lunches for school and a bunch of parenting hacks for dealing with picky eaters. 

11. Alternative Daddy Blogger | The Apocalypse Daddy

We love The Apocalypse Daddy blog because it’s anything but boring! It poses the question, it’s not the end of the world, but what if it was? Along with humorous and zany posts about fatherhood, it also offers a lot of heart, and one of our favorite posts is about how our kids are more resilient than we often give them credit for, which can be read here.

12. Girl Dad Blog | Dad of Divas

Dad Of Divas catalogs the unique set of challenges and joys that fathers face when raising girls. Along with some funny anecdotes about his daughters, Dad Of Divas has good resources and advice for self-care for parents, strategies for parenting children with functional needs or behavioral issues, and how to create the right environment for a foster child.

All of these daddy bloggers are different, but they all share one thing in common, they’re for the dads who care, who want to do right by their family, and who are trying to be the best version of themselves so that their kids can thrive.

Tell Us, Who Are Your Top Daddy Bloggers?

So go get reading about these dads!

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