We all have to start somewhere and when you pick up a new sport like golf, it’s normal to make some mistakes. Getting to grips with your stance, your hand positioning, all the mechanics of the swing, tips and hints from other golfers, getting stuck in the sand trap for the third time… it’s all character building, to say the least.

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Making mistakes when you try something new is normal and part of the process, however, if you want to take your golfing prowess to the next level you shouldn’t just acknowledge these mistakes, you should be learning from them too.

Here we’ll explore the most common mistakes all new golfers make and how you can overcome and learn from them.

You’re using the wrong clubs

Rookie mistake number one. If you don’t have the right equipment, then you can’t be expected to progress in your game or even play correctly. You wouldn’t play hockey with a basketball, so why would you use the wrong clubs for your golf game? In golf, getting to grips with all the clubs can be overwhelming, so starting out with a high-quality set is essential – you can check out the best golf clubs for beginners, here.

If golf is a sport you decide to take further, then having a custom set of golf clubs made or fitted to accommodate your swing is your next step!

You’re just hitting the balls

There’s nothing that’ll get you over a stressful day faster than a session at the driving range. Then hit the crap of the best low compression golf balls, as hard and as far as you can creates an instant sense of achievement and helps to relieve tension.

Sadly, as thrilling as hitting balls at the driving range may be, you’re not practising the intricate mechanics of golf, which means you could be falling into bad habits and methods without realising. Always be mindful of your goals, and whether you’re playing properly or just hitting balls at the range, do so with purpose.

Not taking lessons

You’ve played a few rounds of golf, enjoyed the driving range and you want to play more. It’s at this stage lessons are recommended. Skipping this step is a huge mistake for any golf beginner, as mentioned above, failing to take your mechanics and knowledge seriously could lead to deeply ingrained habits that are difficult to shake.

A series of lessons from a qualified and registered professional will have you making vast improvements with every game.

You don’t know the etiquette

You’re a beginner and there’s so much to take on board already. But another huge mistake that beginners make is not respecting or participating in good golf etiquette. Keeping your temper and frustrations under control is essential (especially when you’re stuck in the sand trap or you keep missing a short putt), being silent when the other player is taking a shot, using your phone, looking your best on the course and shouting, “fore!” when your ball is heading towards another group of golfers or innocent onlookers.

Final thoughts…

Getting to grips with these classic golfing mistakes will not only make you a better player, but you’ll enjoy the sport even more!