Health concerns have been on people’s minds now more than ever. That concern has extended to the quality of drinking water as well. It is no wonder that interest in water filtration devices is still going strong. The always-evolving technologies in a highly competitive market will seem daunting when trying to pick a purifying water system to suit your specific demands.

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But with such a high number of options comes a varied pool to choose from. Each with your specific issue in mind. Here are seven of the best water purifying options to clean your home water and improve its taste.

Pitcher water filters

The method of purification can influence what type of product to choose. The quickest and most cost-effective would be a pitcher filter.

A small glance online at the assortment of filtration jugs available would leave one asking how to choose the best pitcher water filter? Our research has rendered us able to point to some of them.

Brita Everyday Pitcher

Maybe one of the first pitchers to come across online, this affordable and simple solution is an optimum choice. It uses a Brita longlast+ filter that lasts six months and provides good quality taste akin to bottled water.

Creases inside the cartridge filter are designed to reduce contaminants found in tap water such as lead, mercury, cadmium, chlorine, and particulates while keeping necessary minerals and electrolytes.

The Everyday Pitcher by Brita brings an easy-to-use and install water purification accessory to any kitchen with enough space to contain 10 cups of water and seamlessly fit into the refrigerator. It also comes in different colors to suit the buyer’s aesthetic needs.

ZeroWater 7-cup pitcher

With a smaller capacity jug, the ZeroWater 7-cup pitcher is perfect for optimizing counter space. This little filtration jug includes a TDS (total dissolved solids) meter to aid customers in testing the filtration accuracy of the pitcher.

Its unique filtering cartridge sifts the water through five layers. The first two layers remove solid particulates like dust or rust. The third layer is made out of activated carbon to comb out organic impurities, mercury, chlorine, and pesticides. The fourth layer with ion exchange resin eliminates inorganic material such as metals, with the last layers eliminating yet more solids. With this five-layer filter, it boasts to remove all dissolved solids such as calcium and lead, to offer softer, more purified water.

A stout water filtration pitcher with efficiency at the forefront and a slick compact design. The ZeroWater works like a charm.

pH REPLENISH glass alkaline water pitcher

A beautiful-looking carafe that might seem more like a decanter than actual water purifying jug. The pH REPLENISH glass alkaline water pitcher is a water filter with a twist.

Fashioned from food-grade borosilicate glass, it features a stainless steel insert into which the actual filter is placed. The filter is a teabag-looking envelope filled with alkaline calcium balls that remove chlorine. Heavy metals and adds calcium while improving the taste and smell of the water. As small as the replaceable cartridge may look it can actually be used for 105 gallons of water before needing to be changed.

The glass container is dishwasher and microwave safe enduring high and low temperatures.

For the multi-taskers out there this pitcher can also serve as a tea infuser, by replacing the filter envelope with tea bags or fruit.

Faucet Filters

There are instances in which waiting for water to be filtered through a pitcher might not be ideal. In that case, there are alternatives in the form of faucet-mounted devices for easily filtered tap water, at the switch of a knob. Under the sink filtration apparatus are another way to supply clean water directly from the waterline.

Brita SAFF-100

As far as faucet-mounted filters go, the Brita SAFF-100 is one of the easiest to install. It can effortlessly fit onto a kitchen faucet to grant a steady flow of fresh clean water.

With a capacity of 100 gallons, its carbon block technology filter removes 99% of lead, improves the taste and smell by reducing chlorine, asbestos, and benzene.

With the small design along with a highly competitive price, this faucet accessory will do the job fairly well, providing safe, chlorine-free drinkable water.

It also comes in two colors, white or chrome, depending on how best to match with existing plumbing color schemes.

Apec ROES-50

A little more on the pricy side, the Apec ROES-50 is an under-sink installation water system. The size of this system will necessitate some space under the kitchen sink to store and install all its machinations.

It has five filters: one for sediment, two carbon blocking filters, one reverse osmosis membrane, and one refined coconut carbon, all mounted to a stand.

They connect to a water storage tank included in the pack and funnels water from the main pipe to a faucet, seamlessly purified and ready to drink.

Compared to a faucet-mounted filter the Apec does a much better job at cleaning the water while also being hidden under the sink. For those that prefer to only have the faucet visible.

Installing it will require some DIY skills and about an hour’s spare time to complete. As far as the price the Apec ROES-50 is competitively priced compared with other similar products available out there.

Whole house water treatment system

Location is an important factor in choosing some of the more extensive water purifying systems. Inhabitants of an area with a higher risk of unsafe water coming from uncertain underground sources, like wells, might opt for a whole house water treatment system.

Vitapur 26.4 Gpm

The evolution of technology has brought water treatment devices like Vitapur, which ditches water filters for an ultraviolet lamp. This is a full-on piece of equipment built to be fitted throughout your entire home.

It disinfects the water with the ultraviolet system to eliminate damaging bacteria or viruses without inserting any synthetic unwanted components. Its software comes equipped with indications to change the ultraviolet lamp when needed. A device like this would most likely be valued for its accuracy in cleaning water, but it does still have a sleek aesthetic design.

All in all a Vitapur 26.4 Gpm will ensure safe, clean, delicious water on par with the highest standards the industry has to offer.

iSpring WGB32BM

For households that are on well water, the iSpring WGB32BM filtration unit is a highly recommended product. Dissimilar to point-of-use filtration appliances the iSpring is installed at the specific water source and clears the water before it enters the household and reaches any output.

The actual cleaning is done in three stages where water is passed through three layers of filtration. The first layer clears sedimentary impurities while sending it to a carbon block on the second stage to reduce chlorine and chemicals and finally arriving at the third and final stage to remove metals.

The first two filters can percolate up to 100,000 gallons of water before needing to be changed. While the third metal filter should be switched after 50,000 gallons depending on the metal levels found at the water source.

In cases such as these, the water should be tested in advance to secure an even bigger chance of receiving the full array of benefits from a purifying unit.