The Big Game is almost here!! Are you in charge of the party? Whether you are a veteran party thrower or this is your first go around, you can make this year’s party one for the Hall of Fame. Just try to follow a couple of simple tips.

Throw the Best Big Game Party on the Block with These Tips

Have a Great TV

Okay, so we don’t want to be judgemental or materialistic, but no one wants to go to a superbowl party where there is a 25” TV. People want to see the big game on a big screen. If you don’t have a big screen TV, maybe reconsider being the host. Especially if you have quite a few guests.

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Serve the Best Food at Your Big Game Party

Do you want to throw an epic Super Bowl Party that everyone will be talking about? Don’t skimp on the food and don’t go with boring take-out pizza or subs. While they are great, that’s what everyone will be having at their parties. Let’s make your party stand out with the best menu!

Tailgater Hot Wings

Here are a couple of ideas to keep your party ready guests happy:
Wings – Wings are great because there are some really delicious wing recipes that can be done in the crockpot. That means you won’t have to spend a lot of time on them.
BBQ Ribs – Who cares if it’s February. Fire up that grill and make some delicious ribs. Football fans and ribs just go hand in hand, don’t you think?
Sliders – Sliders are a fun, easy, go-to meal. You can make hamburger sliders, chicken sliders, turkey burger sliders…the options are endless!
Nachos – Yum! A delicious plate of loaded nachos is always a crowd pleaser.
Potato skins – These are a great appetizer-type food that are easy to eat and delicious!
*In case you didn’t notice, most of these are very messy foods!! That’s half the fun, but be sure to have lots of napkins on hand!

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Don’t Run Out of Drinks

Are you planning to serve alcohol at your party? The easiest thing to do is to order a keg in advance. You are less likely to run out and you won’t be stuck being a bartender the entire night. If you are not serving alcohol, make sure your fridge is stocked up on sodas and bottled waters.

Another fun drink related tip is to buy plastic or disposable cups in team colors. Your guests can choose their cups based on what team they are rooting for. This is a subtle little way to throw some competition in.
*If you are providing alcohol, make sure you take keys away and be prepared with a designated driver.

Earn Bing Rewards

Get the Kids’ Playroom Ready

If you are allowing kids at your party, be sure that there is a playroom available for them to play. The Super Bowl typically lasts 4 hours. Do you know any little kids that can sit still and not ask questions or chat for 4 hours? Your best bet is to have a fun place for the kids to retreat to when they need a break from watching the game.

What is your favorite Super Bowl Party idea?