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Are you a FAN of BBQ? Me I am! I love the smell, taste and the was you get messy when you eat it. Every once and a while we breakout the grill/smoker to throw a few slabs of brisket and Farmland Ribs. We invite of a few friends and family members to join in and bring a cover dish or dessert.

Farmland Ribs

I don’t claim to be a extraordinary BBQ chief, but I do feel I know my way around a fire. The tricks of the trade have come over years of practicing and knowing what your cooking. I love cooking me some pork ribs from Farmland/Smithfield, because of the quality. Luckily I had a $1.00 off coupon I could use at my local Walmart Supercenter this weekend.

Benefits of Farmland/Smithfield products:

– Farmland All Natural fresh pork is proudly raised in the U.S.A. Fresh cuts are free from artificial ingredients and preservatives and minimally processed.
– Smithfield All Natural products are free from artificial ingredients, preservatives or added steroids or hormones
– The company offers an “All Natural” tenderloin which is a great option for grilling as well.

Farmland Ribs

One thing I learned in cooking ribs is that they are full of fat, and to properly cook a good rack of ribs is to go low and slow. So I start off with prepping my rack of ribs by trimming the unneeded membrane and generously rubbing my dry rub on the slab of pork. I don’t have wood or charcoal burning grill, to do the job completely right, but I slide the aluminium foil wrapped ribs in the oven for a couple hours. This cuts back on grill cook time and the foil locks in that natural flavor of the Farmland Ribs.

Farmland Ribs

One of the best parts about cooking outdoors is that it brings people together. It seems everyone wants to get their hand in on the cooking or peek at the aroma filled grill. I know my kids like to help every once and a while, so I let them fill a burger or two. But, Daddies ribs are a different story. We use extra care when handling our BBQ ribs, we even use or handy rib rack to ensure even cooking.

Farmland Ribs

When it is all said and done a few hours later, you have a good looking set of ribs ready to eat.

Are you new to outdoor cooking and BBQing? The guys over at Ready Set Ribs have some tips and recipes for you have the best outdoor cooking experience. Also if you are looking for an alternitive to ribs, check out  Farmland/Smithfield “all natural” tenderloin which is also a great option for grilling.

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