Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a common condition in children, but it is easy to resolve naturally if treated on time. Your child can grow into a normal teen or adult with some vigilance and timely action. As a parent, you need to recognize the signs early and get help right away.

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But it is often hard to detect in toddlers because children generally have difficulty paying attention at this age. However, you can look for specific signs and symptoms to pick ADHD before it is too late. Here are the warning symptoms you should watch out for.

Difficulty paying attention

The most evident sign of ADHD is difficulty paying attention, and you can pick the behavior when your toddler starts schooling. Look for patterns such as an inability to focus on a single activity and trouble completing tasks. It is easy to mistake these patterns as boredom in toddlers, but you may notice more telltale signs that indicate a problem.

The child may get distracted easily or have problems following instructions and processing information. If you see these indications, check with a specialist sooner rather than later.

Impulsive behavior

Impulsive behavior is another warning symptom that requires attention in toddlers. Typically, impulsive behaviors include extreme impatience with others and refusing to wait for their turn during an activity.

The child may have difficulty controlling their emotions and experience tantrums and outbursts more frequently than usual. Thankfully, experts have strategies for Treating ADHD Naturally at this stage, provided you report them early.

They can create a holistic plan around diet, activity, sleep, and education to handle the problem before it affects the quality of life.

Fidgeting and squirming

Toddlers with ADHD are often hyperactive, and you are likely to notice signs like fidgeting and squirming at a young age. They often find it hard to stay calm and still even while eating, reading, and playing. The toddler always seems to be on the move, switching between toys and games and making excessive noise.

Parents often see it as naughty behavior and end up overlooking the underlying cause. It is better to see an expert early to prevent the issue from getting worse.


Some children are aggressive by temperament, while others may show aggressive behavior because they have ADHD. Ideally, you must seek help if the toddler always shows aggression while playing alone with their toys or indulging in group activities with other children.

Overly bold behavior, lack of caution with strangers, and fearlessness during routine activities are also telltale signs of ADHD. Most toddlers are bundles of energy but pay attention if their energy levels are abnormally high.

It is vital to get these signs right because most toddlers tend to lack focus, be impulsive, and have excessive energy. There is always a possibility of misdiagnosis when you try to assess these problems as even a quiet and well-behaved child may have ADHD. A simple online ADHD test can help you better understand this condition. 

The last thing you should do is indulge in guesswork. Consult an expert to get a professional diagnosis and apt treatment for the child.