2020 was a challenging year for parents. We suddenly found ourselves stuck at home with our kids 24/7. No playdates, no birthday parties, no sports, and the list goes on. Despite the meltdowns, boredom, and cranky moments, we have learned a lot about our parenting skills and styles and are making use of these lessons to better understand how we can improve our parenting trends in 2021.

Parenting Trends in 2021, Must See Parenting Trends in 2021, Days of a Domestic Dad

Let’s explore some of the things we can take into our parenting trends in 2021.

Prior to the pandemic, did you find yourself criticizing your children for being on their phones and laptops way too much? Practically overnight that all changed when schools went to remote learning. In an instant, many kids found themselves sitting in front of a screen participating in a virtual math or history class.

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Less Screen Time Guilt with More Productive use of Technology

The takeaway for this exercise going forward is that your children may have realized that technology is necessary for learning and keeping in touch with friends and family. Remember those family Zoom meetings with Grandma?

While kids do need to restrict their screen time going forward, continue to encourage them to make the best use of their allotted time on phones and laptops.

Online Mental Health and Medical Support

Last year brought with it some mental and physical health challenges. Parents were trying to do it all: working from home, keeping kids on track with education, and figuring out how to order groceries and get food on the table 3 times a day. There was no time for a break, no communing with friends, and nowhere to go to regroup.

In 2020, telehealth support became the norm. Not only did this include virtual doctor’s appointments for you and her children, but it also became the age of the self-help app. Meditation and exercise apps and videos are awesome for taking some me-time. You can also speak with a therapist via phone or Video chat. These are all things that will continue to be available in 2021.

Parenting Trends in 2021, Must See Parenting Trends in 2021, Days of a Domestic Dad

I think the most valuable thing that emerged during COVID-19 was learning how to manage time more efficiently. The kids had to be on a consistent schedule for home-schooling during the weekdays. Parents had to also keep to a schedule for work that had to be in line with the schooling schedule. Time was needed to be blocked out for virtual food shopping and meal preparation, especially while markets and restaurants were closed. Getting outside to exercise also became a scheduled priority.

After we got used to the idea that we were all stuck at home together and this was not a vacation, planning each day became a necessity. This was a good exercise for organizing our lives and being efficient with every hour of the day. Routines were established and rules were put into place to make the best use of our time. I think this is a trend that will continue and will help with the occasional meltdown or tantrums.

We have learned a lot from life in 2020. As we continue into 2021, we now have the skills needed to temper the screen time that we and our children have grown accustomed to and to use technology as an important teaching tool. We have been given the gift of virtual support for our health and wellbeing.

And, we can make and stick to schedules that make sure we make time for work, education, family time, and getting fresh air.