The right strain is different for everyone, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to figure out which version would be right for you. With the growing number of places to purchase cannabis, CBD products, seeds, and more, it’s important to know how to figure out the right strain.

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Which CBD Products Are Right

There is a lot to learn about when trying to find the right strain and a lot for everyone to consider on their own, but the best way to find the right strain is to choose the amount of THC or CBD, pick out the preferred smells and tastes, and try out different strains to figure out which one satisfies your needs completely. 

Know the THC and CBD Level Desired

Some people will prefer a higher THC level, which can help with a variety of ailments or mental health issues. Others may prefer a higher CBD amount, as this is known to help with a huge number of medical issues. Some consumers may want something that’s a little bit more in the middle, with approximately even amounts of THC and CBD. This is something everyone needs to choose on their own based on why they want to use cannabis. When it comes to choosing the right strain, this is often one of the most important aspects to consider. 

Determine Tolerance Level

Everyone has a tolerance level, even if they haven’t used cannabis previously. If this is the case, the tolerance level is typically very low. Over time, the tolerance level increases, which means more cannabis is needed to get the desired effect. When determining the right strain to choose, the tolerance level can dictate how much will be needed. It can also help narrow down the options because some have very high levels of THC and might be better for an individual who already has a higher tolerance level. 

Consider Smells and Tastes

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to smells and tastes. Most sellers will provide information on how a particular strain may smell or taste, and this can be helpful in determining if a particular strain is a good one to try. Today, there are many different strains, so it’s possible for anyone to find one that’s going to fit their preferences for smell or tastes. 

Try Out Different Strains

One of the biggest ways to determine which strain is the right one is to try out different strains. Those who are looking for help with a particular issue may want to purchase a small amount of cannabis of different strains and start keeping a health journal.

In a health journal, note the strain, how much was taken, any results from that, as well as overall health and wellness each day. This can help determine which strains are having a bigger impact, positively or negatively, as well as narrow down the options to the perfect strain to help everyone reach their goals. 

Once you’ve figured out what strain you want you can get seeds and start growing your own. You can learn tips for growing marijuana, Hemp (for CBD) on the internet step by step.

You will still be limited to the selection of strains available to you locally. There are strains of cannabis that grow successfully in small or large spaces.
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The perfect cannabis strain is different for all buyers, based on their goals, preferences, tolerance, and more. If you’re ready to try cannabis and want to make sure to get it right almost from the start, follow the tips here. This way, you can narrow down the options, then pick a few to try out and see which one works best for your unique situation.