Camping during the summer months is a great way to spend time with your family or to just get away for a day or two. But the sleeping bag you use for winter camping will not work for summer camping trips. Winter sleeping bags are thicker and designed to be warm in frigid temperatures. Let me show you a sleeping bag for warm weather.

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Sleeping Bag for Warm Weather

Summer sleeping bags do not need to be this thick and instead of colder temperatures and keeping you warm.They need to breathe to avoid your body overheating.

When choosing the perfect sleeping bag for summer. There are a few things the bag should have that should be considered must-have qualities. Brand should not matter as much as these things nor should price point. Yes, typically a more expensive item is better made, but in the case of camping gear, this is not always true.

Your Sleeping Bag Should Be Well Made

When you first begin looking at summer sleeping bags, do yourself a favor and check the stitching and the zipper. If it appears to be well made, move onto the next criteria. However, if it does not appear that it is sewn properly or the work looks shoddy, it is best to move onto another brand.

It Should Be Rated for Summer Temperatures

Sleeping bags have a temperature range that they are rated for. For example, some winter sleeping bags are rated down to -10 degrees. With a summer sleeping bag, you do not need one thick enough to keep you warm that cold. Instead, opt for one that is rated at 40° or 60°. These bags will be thick enough to shield you from the elements and bugs and thin enough to help keep you from getting too warm.

It Should Be Big Enough

Since not all sleeping bags are created equal, you will want to double-check that it is both wide enough and long enough to fit your needs. The last thing that anyone wants to happen is to be at the campsite ready to camp only to discover that their sleeping bag is too short.

It Should Be Light Enough to Hike With

If you plan to do any sort of rural or dispersed camping where you will need to hike into your camping spot. Make sure the summer sleeping bag you purchase is light enough. A sleeping bag that is too heavy will cause your hiking pack to be weighed down more than necessary. To test this, consider placing it on your shoulders while you’re in the store to check the weight. Then, if possible, take the weight of the bag into account with the weight of the rest of your pack.