Are you constantly worrying about an unclean home in the winter? The season brings joy as well as adverse weather. This weather seems to enter the home in some way.

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A Cleaner Home Throughout The Winter

Whether it’s bringing in wet shoes or a dirty car in the garage, the home can feel difficult to maintain and keep clean. 

Don’t panic yourself, as there are ways around this. You don’t need to live feeling stressed and worried about winter dirt and mess. 

Using this guide, you can find the best ways to make your home easier to manage and cleaner in the winter.

Cover your garage floor

When the weather is nasty outside, you won’t want to leave your car outside for the sake of some wet or dirt. Hence, it makes great sense to invest in something to cover your garage floor to make cleaning a lot easier.

You can get TruContain containment mats to contain your mess inside your garage. No more will you have to worry about bringing snow and rain into the garage and causing a mess. Instead, the mat will catch it and make things a lot easier to maintain. You can have a tidy and clean garage no matter what weather you bring in on the car. 

Make a no-shoe rule

If you allow people to enter your home and leave their shoes on, this is a big mistake. You will especially regret this choice in the winter when the rain and mud are prevalent.

The rugs and carpets in your home become vulnerable in the winter. You might even wince at the thought of someone walking through the house with muddy shoes on.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense to create a ‘no shoes in the house’ rule. Asking everyone to leave their shoes by the door on a large mat will guarantee minimal dirt on the carpets and rugs. You can keep them clean and not need to worry about muddy stains and wet marks. You can keep them as clean as possible while everyone can walk around comfortably in their socks.

Create a winter cleaning list

Another simple winter cleaning tip to follow is to make a list. Winter cleaning will be slightly different from summer cleaning. So, you will want to make a whole new list to maintain your home. 

Some tasks to add and maintain once a week include:

  • Picking up leaves and sweeping on the porch.
  • Cleaning the windows outside yourself.
  • Freeing build-up in the gutters. 
  • Wiping down window ledges to get rid of condensation puddles.
  • Cleaning the mat where the shoes are kept.

Then, getting on with your usual routine and maintaining the home can be similar to the rest of the year. Just make sure to be prepared for more dampness and mud and then you’ll be able to easily maintain your home.

Window cleaning at the right time

It sounds crazy but if you clean the windows when the winter sun is shining, you will end up with streaky windows. Somehow, the sun causes window cleaning to go wrong. 

Hence, you’ll need to wait for a day when the sun is down. A grey day is probably your best bet. In winter, the windows might seem dirtier than usual. Muddy puddles and rain will be splashing up at your windows. This will cause them to look grey and muddy. Hence, deep clean them yourself on the outside. You can pay for a professional but this will cost a lot of money if you want to maintain them weekly. 

Plus, it will be good to clean the windows inside. This will make them look cleaner. Plus, it will help to get rid of any condensation residue. This happens when temperatures hit freezing. It is good to clean the water away to prevent mold.

Give your radiators a blast

The radiators need a good old cleaning before you use them. There is probably lots of dust built up inside. This will cause a bad smell when you turn them on. Plus, it makes sense to deep clean them to reduce the dust in your house, right?

Give them a blast with a duster so they are prepared for the winter. Maintain them every few weeks as more dust will likely settle.

Assess the fireplace

If you have a fireplace in your home, aren’t you lucky? It is good to assess and clean the fireplace ahead of the winter. This can create a lot of mess and you might have had lots of things fall through your chimney throughout the year. 

Give your chimney a good sweep and maintain this every few weeks so that your home can remain clean. Plus, it is safer to light a fire with a clean fireplace.

Dusty carpets are a no-no

Dust settles into the carpets like you wouldn’t believe. Hence, it is a great idea to get rid of the dust. Dust isn’t good for your health and it will make your home feel dirty. 

You can remove dust from the carpets by banging them with a tennis racket or something similar. Once you have beaten the dust out, you can hoover the carpets like normal. After, your carpets will feel hygienic and fresh.

Clean the air vents

Air vents around the home need cleaning so that they can regulate the air in your home. 

You likely have air vents above the windows. If these become blocked, you will likely end up with wet windows every morning. The vents will allow fresh air to enter your home and help the windows stay at a good temperature to avoid condensation. 

You can clean these gently with a small brush and free any debris. If they are really blocked, call an expert out to help. If you have wet windows the entire winter, you might experience mold around the windows and on the walls.

Steam clean the floors

The hard floors can become very dirty in the winter. Even if you take your shoes off, it is hard to control the pets. 

Hence, it is a great idea to steam clean the floors once a week. Of course, you will clean them another way throughout the week. But, steam cleaning them will lift all of the dirt and bacteria to leave them sparkling. Your floors will look great and be very hygienic. 

Deep cleaning the carpets

It is also a wise idea to deep clean the carpets. You’ll be surprised how much dirt and grime comes off the carpet when you use a deep cleaner. The water-based solution will suck up anything that you can’t see on the carpets. Whether it is discreet germs or mud, it will get rid of it. 

Doing this a few weeks into the winter and then once every two weeks will keep your carpets as fresh and clean as possible. It is worth investing in your own carpet cleaner instead of paying a professional. If you use it often, you will get your money’s worth in no time.

Deep clean the blankets

Another thing to deep clean for winter and throughout the season is blankets. The blankets for the sofa and beds will need a good wash to be hygienic and cozy. 

We all pull blankets out of storage when the weather gets cold. They help us stay warm and comfortable inside.

Washing blankets will fluff them back up and make sure they are clean enough for people to use. You should give these a good wash every two weeks to make sure they are clean. Give them a thorough clean at the end of winter before you put them back in storage too.

Don’t forget the garden

Although you might not use the garden much during winter, it is good to maintain it and clean the area. You won’t need to cut the grass, but it can be good to attend to the plants. Any plants that survive throughout winter will need some care. Doing this will make your garden look its best. 

It is also good to sweep up leaves and get rid of mud from the patio and decking. This will make your home look appealing and usable if you do wish to go outside in the winter. Do a garden maintenance routine every two weeks to help it look good all winter. 

Disinfect the bins

Your bins can get dirty and germ-ridden all year round. But, you’ll likely go out to put the rubbish in the outside bins less often. The cold weather isn’t inviting so you might put off the bin drop for a few days. This can cause germ buildup. 

The best thing to do is disinfect the bins every time you remove a bag. This will keep them fresh and hygienic. They then won’t cause any germ infestations in the home. 

Using this guide, you can find the best tips to maintain your home all winter. You can guarantee a hygienic and tidy space so that it is relaxing and stress-free during the cold season.

, A Cleaner Home Throughout The Winter, Days of a Domestic Dad