The Disney animation team has shown us wonderful worlds filled with fun and unlikely friendships between seemingly different characters. With great ensembles in movies like Cars, the Toy Story franchise, and Wall-E, Disney can make us empathize with characters we’d usually be unlikely to follow. In 2016 Zootopia is releasing yet another ensemble movie about the world of Zootopia, where animals do the same jobs humans would in a futuristic world. From the trailer alone we can tell this film is going to be one of the best of the year.


The first trailer for Zootopia was released in June of this year, and reveals that Zootopia takes place in a world without humans, although the animals dress and behave the way humans would. This alternate universe that Disney presents is bound to be one of their most entertaining yet. Zootopia is the story of a fox and a rabbit (an unlikely pair in our world), working together to solve crime in Zootopia with the help of their friends: a rhino, a sloth, otter, cheetah, and many more. This animated film is going to be one of the most exciting films of 2016, and it’s highly likely you’re favorite animal will make an appearance at some point.

The Zootopia cast is one of the best to be compiled for an animated film. Playing the two leads are Jason Bateman as Nick Wilde the fox, and Ginnifer Goodwin as Judy Hopps the rabbit. Goodwin and Bateman have a long list of critically acclaimed movies and will likely bring great depth to their animated detectives. Other great names joining Bateman and Goodwin are Idris Elba from the Thor franchise, J.K. Simmons from such titles as Spiderman and Juno, Jenny Slate from the Lorax, and Octavia Spencer from The Help. Surprisingly Tommy Chong and Shakira are also making appearances in the film.

ZOOTOPIA - New Poster

Zootopia has an amazing team of Directors working in its favor. Jared Bush helped work on the Big Hero 6 film, which was a smashing hit for Disney. Rich Moore, another director of Zootopia, directed the films Wreck-It Ralph, Horton Hears a Who, and has even directed episodes of the critically acclaimed Simpsons show. Finally we have Byron Howard who directed great animated films like Bolt and Tangled. Such a rockstar team of Directors must be doing great work. In addition to these directors, writer Phil Johnson has worked on the screenplay as well. Johnson was responsible for helping with films like Wreck-It Ralph and Cedar Rapids.

The trailers for Zootopia some of the most ambitious animation and likable characters to reach the big screen in quite some time. With such an impressive concept, cast, and directing team, Zootopia is bound to blow our minds.


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