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Hot Wheels, Fun For Everbody – Hot Wheels Race Rewards

It’s that time of year when everybody is getting excited; the children are getting excited looking forward to presents and the parents are getting excited over all of the great deals this season offers. Walmart exclusively offers the best deal of the season with redeemable Hot Wheels® collectables.

People are racing to Walmart to participate in the Hot Wheels Race Rewards: Grab The Fire™ program to get their instant points by purchasing participating Hot Wheels® selections that are available only at Walmart.

Hot Wheels Race Rewards
Hot Wheels Race Rewards

Participating in the Grab The Fire™ program is as easy as one two three, all you have to do to get on track to redeeming exclusive rewards is to buy the selected Hot Wheels® at your local Walmart store, scan your code and earn your points.

The more you buy the more you get, simply purchase the Hot Wheels® that you need to complete your collection then take a picture of your receipt verifying your purchase and make your choice of a variety of exciting and exclusive Hot Wheels® rewards.

So get on track to day and race to your local Walmart and redeem exclusive rewards, just buy, scan and earn. Learn how to get your rewards and get a lot more from shopping at Walmart for your Hot Wheels® purchases today by visiting us at https://hwracerewards.com!

Hot Wheels® are the perfect gift for anyone. Children love to pretend they are racing in these fast and furious cars and many adults enjoy collecting Hot Wheels® too. The original Hot Wheels® collectors know that the very first Hot Wheels® that rolled of the production line was the Dark Blue 1968 Custom Camaro. Movie buffs may have recognized this production as Bumblee transforms into a Dark Blue 1968 Custom Camaro in the movie Transformers.

Since then collectors have bought more than 1 billion Hot Wheels® products. One collector paid over $70,000 for a rare Beach Bomb model. Collectors everywhere were in awe over the Hot Wheels® 40th anniversary diamond clustered racer. Hot Wheels® collectors and fans were thrilled as Tanner Foust executed a jump of 332 feet setting a world record in a life sized Hot Wheels® car at the 2011 Indy 500.

Hot Wheels® are fun for the whole family, kids can race them and create their own car and collectors can enjoy their unique collections. There’s lots of fun to be had with Hot Wheels® and they are one of the most affordable gifts to give as toys and collector’s items.

So be sure to go to Walmart and join the Hot Wheels Race Rewards: Grab The Fire™ program and get your instant points by purchasing participating Hot Wheels® selections.

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