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The GhostBed is a top innovation of a bed that is made from materials that are of a high quality and also incorporates the latest in sleep technology. This is designed to offer the GhostBed users with the perfect balance of total body support and supernatural comfort. This bed is capable of conforming to your body thereby providing it with an optimal support and perfect sleep during the night. The mattress was created using a 35 year-old design experience, skilled craftsmanship and using the best materials.

My 101 Nights of Sleep on a GhostBed

About the Mattress GhostBed

It guarantees sleep satisfaction to its users as it is made without following any shortcuts and using top quality gel memory foam and latex. It is 11 inches high and feels more substantial. The mattress has three layers measuring 1.5 inches of the top latex foam, 2 inch layer of gel memory foam to aid in cooling and base layer is 7.5 inches.

Ghostbed is comfort perfected

Getting a GhostBed Mattress

Shopping for the perfect mattress for you to use at home is usually a daunting task. In any store that you visit, there are quite a number of mattresses available for you to choose from. The situation is made more complex by the sales-people usually present in these mattress selling stores. They usually pressure you into making the choice of mattress that you need by being on your back as you perform the brief “sleep tests” in an attempt to getting the best mattresses. At the end of your shopping, you will end up buying a mattress that you are not certain whether it was the right one for you.

Marc Werner, the creator of GhostBed mattress understands this predicament that befalls potential mattress buyers and thus opted to change the script. It is possible now to find the perfect mattress without leaving the comfort of your home. GhostBed makes mattress shopping easier with an online shop that is hassle-free and shipping is done nationwide, free of charge.

Ghostbed | Unboxing from Ryan Monahan on Vimeo.

101-Night Sleep Trial on a GhostBed Mattress

In addition to the above, GhostBed offers a longer sleep trial period on their mattresses than any other product line. All of these beds come with the free 101-night free sleep trial and any interested customer ought to place their order for the mattress online in just a few simple clicks. The GhostBed will be shipped to you within 24 hours and delivered to your doorstep. You will be capable of enjoying the best sleep ever during this trial period.

If you will be satisfied with the mattress, then you can proceed and keep it. However, if you are not convinced that the GhostBed is the best for you then you should inform the customer care. The company will organize how they will pick it up free of any charges and donate it to any local organization in your locality. The company will then issue you with a full refund but this is rare due to the high quality of these GhostBeds. Most people fall in love with their GhostBeds and would kill if anyone tried to take them away. The 10-night trial has no risk at all and is highly advisable for people to pick it up.