Wimbledon is perhaps the dream destination for every tennis buff. Not surprisingly, it attracts fans and followers from across the globe every year. If you are a regular, you will probably want your kids to be a part of the experience.

Wimbledon Family Trip

The event is one of the conservative sporting events where spectators need to follow the rules, but there’s much for kids here.

Your little ones and teens can have a great time, provided they are prepared for the experience. Let us share some tips to get them ready for their first Wimbledon trip.

Ensure the right age

Before planning the trip to the event, ensure that your kids are of the right age. You cannot expect babies to enjoy the game or let you do it.

Organizers recommend avoiding bringing babies in arms and pushchairs to the crowded venue for obvious reasons. Although you will not need tickets for kids under five, you cannot get them to Show Courts because they are not allowed there. It is better to wait until your children are grown up enough.

Be committed to following the rules

Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament with a history of adherence to rules and regulations. You must go the extra mile by following the etiquette on the field and during the games when bringing your children along.

Besides the age limits for Show Courts, parents are responsible for managing their children. As a rule, you cannot leave children under 16 unsupervised at the event. Brush up on the basics, and pass on the information to your kids.

Ditch the queue

The last thing you want to encounter at Wimbledon is the ticket rush. It is even a more daunting struggle when planning a trip with your family. The chances of getting in through ballots are slim.

But you shouldn’t rely on buying a ticket in the queue because the crowds can stress the kids, and you may never get your turn. Debentures are the best option, specifically when you want to Buy tickets to Wimbledon finals or other big matches.

They cost a significant sum but consider it a worthy investment that ensures a great first trip for your kids.

Expect huge crowds

Kids may be overwhelmed by the huge crowds at the event, so it is better to prepare them beforehand. Wimbledon is the most popular tennis tournament, flocked by thousands of fans.

The grounds are always full, and the courts are jam-packed. The little ones may have a tough time, but your teens will enjoy the ambiance. They will love to spot celebrities and royals at the event.

Create a to-do wishlist

Wimbledon is an exciting place for first-timers as there is much to see and do besides the matches. You must create a to-do wishlist for your family before the trip to ensure they do not miss out on the best things.

Do not forget the strawberries and cream because the experience isn’t complete without them. A visit to the New Wimbledon and Polka Theater is a must.

Remember to pack plenty of water and healthy snacks for your kids to save up on the bills. Umbrellas, sunscreen, and a change of clothes are essential because the weather can be unpredictable.