New York is a great city, and when you visit, you should find plenty worth doing. You can wander around and see what grabs your attention, or you might carefully plan out an itinerary beforehand. There’s one more option worth considering, though.

Notebook and stuff for trip

You might sign up for a sightseeing tour and get a narrator who can tell you your location and what’s around you at all times. New York City tours have a fantastic reputation, provided you sign up with one that’s well-reviewed. You can go on ones where you see the Empire State Building, Ellis Island, The 

Freedom Tower, and so much more.

When you take a New York City guided tour, you should have a few things with you. We will talk about those right now.

Your Smartphone

You will certainly want your smartphone with you. Most people have them now, but if you don’t own one yet, you should consider picking one up before hitting NYC. You might get an Android device or the latest iPhone.

You can use your smartphone for picture-taking. You can use the apps on it to locate NYC landmarks if you lose the group. You can also have the phone for contacting family members or friends who live in the city or who go with you on the tour but lose themselves along the way.

You can even use your smartphone and call the authorities if any emergency transpires. It’s not likely, but better safe than sorry.


You can buy snacks all around New York, but they’re expensive. The city has high prices, and you might bring some candy bars, fruit, or trail mix along with you. Some tours make food stops, but others don’t.

You’ll feel glad you can pull out a snack and munch on it. That can tide you over till you finish the tour and go to a restaurant for a larger meal.


You might want drinks with you as well. Perhaps you’ll have a water bottle, or you might bring along a juice or your favorite Gatorade flavor.

If the tour doesn’t stop at a convenience store or anywhere else with drinks, you might get thirsty. If you’re there during the summer, you may have sweltering weather with which you must contend.


You may want some sunglasses. If it’s a sunny day, you can put them on to avoid the sun’s harsh glare. You can sometimes find souvenir stands that sell sunglasses in New York if you don’t have some with you. Many times, you can even haggle with the sellers and get them cheaper than advertised.

A Light Jacket

You might bring a light jacket or a sweater. You can always take it off if it gets too warm. If you don’t bring one, though, you might get chilly. Maybe you’re by the water, with the wind blowing off it. In the morning or early evening, you can easily feel cold that way.

A Purse or Wallet

You can bring a wallet that fits in your pocket, or a purse works just as well. You can carry money in your wallet. If you see some food or a souvenir you want, you’ll need that cash. Cash transactions work well in the big city.

You can also bring a credit card or two. You might want your driver’s license if you have an adult beverage at a restaurant or bar. Carrying ID while in the city makes sense.

You can bring various other small items in your purse that you might want. You may bring some gum for breath freshening, or you can have a Chapstick if you have chapped or dry lips. You may carry some tissues, breath mints, or a lipstick.

An Umbrella

You may also want an umbrella. You might get a sudden downpour while on your tour, and presumably, you will not have a raincoat or poncho. An umbrella can keep you dry till you find shelter or the rain stops.

Some Comfortable Shoes

You should also wear some comfortable shoes, like sneakers, for instance. You’ll likely walk around some while on this tour. You should not wear high heels or any other footwear that will cause blisters as you get your exercise during the day.

Now, you should feel ready. Check this list before you meet the tour guide, and prepare for some urban exploration. Who knows what memories you’ll make during your special day out?