Are you looking for a new cannabis strain to try out but don’t know which ones are best? Do you want to know which cannabis strains are rated as all-time best strains?

Cannabis is a plant that has had its ups and downs with legality. However, at its current stage, it is slowly becoming legal for recreational purposes worldwide.

Not only are cannabis flowers rich in a variety of compounds like cannabinoids and terpenes, but thanks to their ‘entourage effect’, these compounds can work synergistically to potentially aid in a variety of issues like inflammation, nausea, and chronic pain. Like many other quality products, Bud Empire’s cannabis flowers could contribute to improved sleep quality, stress relief, and enhanced cognitive function – making it an increasingly popular choice amongst those seeking holistic well-being.

It is constantly growing in popularity as the stigma around it begins to fade and now, we have access to an abundance of cannabis accessories at stores and online head shops like Daily High Club, as well as different strains. 

There are many benefits to consuming cannabis, especially if you understand the different strains and how they function. That said, here are some of the all-time best cannabis strains on the market. 

Delta 10 Products

This particular Delta 10 carts are packed with Delta 10 THC along with other cannabinoids. It also contains 5% of therapeutic cannabis-derived terpenes, which helps to increase the medicinal benefits of Delta 10. You can choose different strains to experience various effects.

OG Kush 

There are so many different cannabis strains on the market. While they are all part of the cannabis family, they have all been bred to do something slightly different, whether it is having a different flavor, having a different effect, or even having a different strength.

Although there are many different strains of cannabis, OG Kush is by far one of the most popular and one of the most common favorites around the world. This strain can leave you feeling relaxed, happy, and even give you a strong case of the giggles. Its effects are long-lasting and are great for those who are experienced. They have a citrusy flavor as well.


Moving on down our list, the next best strain on the market is Gelato. Gelato is one of the top three favorites in the United States. It is an Indica dominant strain, but it’s a hybrid.

Unlike OG Kush, Gelato has a sweeter flavor and a gelato taste. Because it is an Indica dominant strain, it will give you a nice buzz without giving you the full punch. It will give you feelings of energy and euphoria as well as alertness. However, the euphoric effects will be felt first and then start to slow down while you feel feelings of relaxation and calmness.

Many people use this strain for pain, headache, and muscle inflammation relief. It is a very common strain to find and is commonly used for medicinal purposes.

Purple Punch

The next strain is purple punch. This strain is an Indica strain, which is great for those looking to keep their minds relaxed and calm. Purple punch will get you down for the night and is great for those using it in medicinal ways to help manage stress and anxiety.

Gorilla Glue

Making our way closer to the end of our list, the next strain is one of the best strains on the cannabis market today. Gorilla glue is a modern hybrid strain, and its name is indicative of its potency. It has THC levels of almost 30%.

Despite the intense craziness of the THC levels, this train will not keep you down the whole night, but it won’t keep you up and about either. It is a great strain when used for medicinal purposes or in a medicinal manner to help relieve stress, pain, and anxiety while still leaving you functional.

Sour Diesel

Last but certainly not least, we have sour diesel, which is yet another favorite worldwide. So, diesel has around 2% CBD with a 90:10 ratio of THC. This makes it a THC dominant strain, and it is also more of a Sativa strain than anything else.

While it doesn’t necessarily taste the best or smell so great, it is one of the best strains if you want an energetic high that will leave you feeling happy. This is a great strain to help those feeling anxious or depressed. It can make you feel a lot happier with a cheerful high.

Despite its pungent smell and not-so-great taste, it has a slight hint of lemon, which makes it more palatable.