Disclosure: As a part of the Vicks Ambassador Network I was asked to write about the holiday Flu Season and DayQuil Severe. All story’s and opinions are my own.

It’s amazing that something as small as a sneeze can strike fear in the hearts of men. However, fear is exactly what I felt the time I became congested and achy the night before an interview for what can only be described as my dream job. Trust me when I say that landing an interview at a huge creative firm just a week after moving to a brand new city without an actual job was a major deal.

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I had made my mind up that nothing was going to spoil this chance for me. I memorized interview questions, practiced offering a handshake in the mirror and got a haircut that was actually suitable for an adult. I knew I was ready. In fact, I had just ironed my suit and filed my résumé inside my laptop case when the sneeze happened. I spent a few minutes in denial before finally accepting the fact that I actually felt pretty terrible. One sneeze turned into two. Two sneezes turned into an entire tissue box’s worth of frustration.

One sneeze turned into two. Two sneezes turned into an entire tissue box’s worth of frustration.

I paced around the kitchen of my new apartment and weighed my options as I tore through the second half of the box of tissues. How could I feel so miserably and achy all of the sudden? I wondered if I should cancel my interview. The thought of another applicant coming in and scooping up my dream job just because of a lousy cold was eating me up inside! I could barely go two seconds without sneezing. How was I ever going to get a good night’s rest and be fresh enough to dazzle my future employer? It was then that I remembered a care package my mom had left for me the day I moved into my new apartment. I also remembered that she had lovingly pointed to the NyQuil Severe in the care package and instructed me to take care of myself.

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It was worth a try, right? I took the recommended dosage and gave my perfectly ironed suit one last longing glance before shutting off the light in an attempt to salvage what sleep I could before morning. It’s an understatement to say that I slept like a rock that night. I woke up feeling determined to go knock my future employer’s socks off at that interview.

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Who has time for sick days when a dream job is waiting out there? I am thankful that NyQuil Severe gave me that great night’s rest so I could be incredible in the morning. I am happy to report that I now always keep a bottle of DayQuil in my desk drawer at my awesome new job. Give DayQuil a shot, click here for a coupon!


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