Raising a family is a full-time job between making sure the kids have their homework done, keeping them fed, taking them to activities, and continuing to build your relationship with your significant other. The luxury of having sparkling white teeth is one that often goes by the wayside when you’re a domestic dad.

whitening trays, Top 4 Benefits of Whitening Trays, Days of a Domestic Dad

Benefits of Whitening Trays

Teeth whitening trays offer a different method to whiten teeth, one that conveniently fits into busy schedules with premium results. Here are four reasons to start or switch your whitening treatments to whitening trays.

Easy To Fit Into Busy Schedules

Unlike teeth whitening strips or whitening blue lights, whitening trays don’t require time set aside in your schedule. Whitening trays are made from EVO material and are waterproof. Without adding more time into your morning or nightly routines, whitening trays can be used in the shower and only take about 10 minutes for treatments making them ideal for shower use. By keeping your teeth whitening case in the shower, you’ll be able to wash the trays off and pop them right back into the case after use. Getting your teeth whitened without changing your schedule is a big plus.

whitening trays, Top 4 Benefits of Whitening Trays, Days of a Domestic Dad

For Him and Her

Want to really impress your wife? Sure, you can whiten your teeth and dazzle her with a bright smile, but why not give the gift of white teeth to her as well? There are whitening tray kits designed strictly for couples, and while it’s nice to show off your teeth, it’s better when a couple is on par with each other. Going to dinner parties, school events, and family gatherings are now confidence builders when you and your partner look great.

Years of Stains Gone in Weeks

No one is perfect, especially with their oral care. Years of smoking, drinking wine, coffee, tea, or other natural chemicals have likely taken the shade of your teeth down a few notches. Teeth Whitening trays are paired with 35 percent FDA-approved whitening gel that helps erase teeth stains in just a few treatments. This gel is tough on stains that can be resistant to brushing or other treatments. The teeth whitening trays snap onto your teeth as the gel begins to foam at the point of contact with saliva.

whitening trays, Top 4 Benefits of Whitening Trays, Days of a Domestic Dad

Full Coverage Of The Smile

Unlike other teeth whitening treatments, like whitening strips or blue lights, teeth whitening trays work with gel to whiten your entire smile. Strips are messy and sticky. Peeling them off always leaves residue on the tips of your fingers and teeth. The worst part is that the strips just cover the front teeth while the backs and molars go unwhitened. Blue Light whitening treatments have grown in popularity in recent years but there are quite a few cons to them.

They typically need to be plugged into a phone to power the light meaning you’ll have to hold your phone while you’re whitening your teeth and the phone will be drained of the battery. Blue lights are also bulky and not custom-fitted. The light will do a better job whitening the teeth than strips but they still miss the back of teeth. Whitening Trays are custom made, which means they are created for each individual smile. The trays snap onto the teeth and the whitening gel foams into the cracks and crevices of the teeth. Your full set of teeth receive whitening treatments including the backs.

Whitening treatments used to be expensive and a hassle to go to the dentist. They don’t have to be and can fit comfortably in your routine without packing a wallop to your wallet. Whitening trays have stood out against other forms for their affordability and convenience. Sporting Smiles is a good place to start when researching them.