Whether you are moving to a new rental or are officially becoming a homeowner, the moving process can be hectic. Getting all your belonging in one place and transferring them to another requires proper planning.

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Use a Self-Storage Unit When Moving

This is where a self-storage unit is critical in ensuring you are only moving the necessary stuff to your new home.

But a self-storage unit is not only meant to hold the obsolete items you no longer need. You can also use it to store all your belonging before you are ready to move in. Others use it to store extra items when downsizing or before finding/relocating to a more spacious home. If you consider renting a self-storage unit when moving, let’s explore some of its benefits.  

Benefits of Using a Self-Storage Unit while Moving

When relocating to a new home, most homeowners prefer to work with a moving company. Some of these companies offer storage as part of their service package, but only for a limited time, say a week or two.

Such storage units may not be ideal for keeping your delicate or valuable items since they are not designed for long-term storage. You could also risk losing some of your stuff if the company uses a shared storage space for all its clients.

A self-storage unit is always the better option if you want a short- or long-term storage solution while moving. Here, you’ll have an easy time knowing that your valuable items are secure and that you can access them anytime you want.

For a tailored solution that matches your moving schedule and guarantees the safety of your belongings, you can find self storage here and alleviate the stress associated with your move.

Below are the other benefits of using a self-storage unit. 

1. Offers Enhanced Flexibility

Renting a self-storage unit before your moving day allows you to pack at your own pace. This helps plan for a staged move, rather than doing all packaging and moving at once. You will also have control over when and how you want your items handled during moving.

Having a storage unit will also mean you do not have to worry about your closing date and move-in date not coinciding. That way, you can quickly eliminate the stressful moments associated with moving. 

2. It Protects Your Belonging

Damage and loss of items are some of the issues you always want to avoid during moving. You can minimize such risks by working with a reputable self-storage provider.

The best storage units should have high-end security measures and climate-control features to keep items free from all external elements such as moisture, water, and other environmental elements.

Besides concrete fencing, the storage units should have 24/7 CCTV surveillance and alarm systems. Automated control access, such as using fingerprints, also ensures that only authorized personnel have access to a given storage unit at a particular time.

3. It Ensures Proper Organization

With a storage unit, you can start packing and sorting things way early before your moving-out date. This means you will have more time to organize your belongings in whichever manner you want, eliminating the habit of throwing things randomly into boxes at the last minute.

Another added advantage to renting a storage unit is that it gives you more time to declutter your house. And by eliminating all the stuff you do not need, your house remains organized. If there are items you don’t wish to carry with you to the new home, you can keep them securely in the storage unit.

Depending on where you are relocating to, you can have the storage unit closer to your new home or your old apartment, whichever is convenient. For instance, if you intend to sell or donate most of your items but are not sure which ones specifically, you can rent self-storage near your old home.

That way, you’ll easily sort out the items you want and leave those to donate in the storage unit. This also minimizes moving costs since you’ll be left with a few items.

4. You can Access Discounted Amenities and Services

Most storage companies offer discounted or additional services/amenities for clients. For instance, the storage company may offer discounted moving services whenever you are ready to relocate to your new home.

Other storage-unit providers partner with professional movers who offer high-end moving services at cost-friendly prices. 

5. It Gives Room for House Improvements

When relocating, your new home may require improvements such as floor renovations, kitchen remodeling, or wall painting.

In such situations, a storage unit will ensure your items are safe until the renovations are complete and your new home is ready. The storage unit will ensure you enjoy some peace of mind throughout the renovation process.

You won’t also have to speed up the work or worry about your previous landlord/new homeowner pressing charges for not moving out within the agreed time.

Bottom line

Self-storage units offer several benefits for anyone moving to a new home. The peace of mind and convenience you enjoy knowing that your valuable items are safe and secure are unmatched.

You also avoid rush-hour decisions and preparations, which may be costlier. When choosing a self-storage unit provider, always pay attention to the quality of services, cost, customer experience, and level of security.