I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for MyLocker. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

MyLocker Custom Apperal

The other day I was looking for some custom t-shirts for the girls, to wear while playing volleyball. See, I have been wanting to enroll them in our local volleyball league, but they have been hesitate. So to get them excited, and pumped about joining a organized sport, I wanted to gear them up with some custom apparel.

MyLocker Custom Apperal

Shop Click Design with MyLocker Custom Apparel

I found #MyLocker online, and they seem to be the go to place online for “make your own t-shirt. After browsing a large selection of apparel and designs, I knew what I wanted. I started out with a youth sporty tee, which seemed trendy, and I knew girls would like them. MyLocker offers tons of color options in all of their apparel selections.

MyLocker Custom Apparel

Once I nailed down the style, color and size I needed for my shirts, I was on the hunt for a perfect design idea. With plenty of pre-designed templetes it was harder than you think, in finding the perfect one. Finally I came to the “That’s My Game” logo, and this showed our attitude and game spirit.

MyLocker Custom Apperal

Ordering on MyLocker

The overall process was fairly easy, the only thing that took a long time was choosing. After that the confirming and purchasing of my t-shirts was simple.

I received a confirmation email for my order with in a hour, and a shipping confirmation about 48 hours later. Which gave me a piece of mind knowing everything was being process, and on its way.

Since, my first order I have been back to MyLocker looking for Christmas presents for the family, and love the service MyLocker offers.

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