A caravanning trip is a great way of introducing your family to the great outdoors. If you have one, you know it is wise to bring your family together and build quality memories as your partner or relatives relax from stress and children explore and widen their understanding of nature.

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What is a Caravanning Trip?

As such, great experiences come with significant hurdles; packing alone is one thing, but packing with a family comes with a whole new level of checking all details for a smooth riding experience.

Fortunately, we can share the best ways to prepare your family for an off-road trip; read more below and start packing!

Clean Your Caravan

For starters, clean your caravan first before you take the first step in mapping out your journey. Whether you recently used it or kept it stored for months, you must bring your caravan back to its pristine shape days before the trip, as the grime, dirt, and debris collected from inactivity may cause damage to your internal and external components if not removed prior.

Since you’ll be bringing your family, deep cleaning is essential. Start by vacuuming the dust away from carpets, beddings, and shelves. Use a cleaner to wipe surfaces off of dirt and give them a new shine, as well as other chemical cleaners for removing molds and potential hazards to your children’s skin and respiratory health. Alternatively, you can always call a deep cleaning specialist to do the task for you and make it look brand new.

Plan Your Distractions

During the trip, kids would likely ask, “Are we there yet?” It’s annoying at best, especially since you must always be alert and have your senses on the road. Luckily, there are two ways you can address it.

First is to plan and anticipate; you can bring your child’s toys, gadgets, and other entertainment devices that could distract them and make them feel less bored; your partner or an older relative can organize activities and games to pass the time and make it an enjoyable experience. Also, don’t forget to make frequent stops at diners and stores as often as necessary to replenish supplies.

Another option is to involve your kids in the planning process and mark out landmarks during your destination; you can check ahead and look for visual landmarks like old diners, signs, and buildings that your children can look at and anticipate. This keeps them on their toes and potentially helps you on the road since they call out and give a heads-up on the destination. Finally, reward them with a treat or drink for their active participation.

Change The Sleeping Routine Before The Trip

Infants and toddlers love routines; they are an integral part of their early physical and mental development, and bringing them to your trip requires rigorous preparation and a change of sleeping patterns to avoid on-road tantrums and general fuzziness.

At home, start by slowly introducing changes to their routines, such as an earlier or later sleeping schedule, quick bathing and brushing times, and eating patterns over a few days. Make their routine closer to an RV daily routine to help them find good naps and a lighter mood since, for them, sleeping in an unknown place without preparing for it may be too much to handle.

Get Your Kids To Participate

Since the family is part of the trip, make them part of your preparations! Get your kids to contribute to the trip, present ideas on which spots they want to visit, and teach them basic camping chores like washing dishes, reorganizing tables, and collecting wood.

These essential activities shape their social skills and improve your bonding experience while you have more time doing other tasks like repairs, finalizing equipment, and other significant details in between.

Brief Them on Campsite Etiquette and Safety Procedures

Nobody likes unruly children who make noise at the campsite. We understand that in campsites and off-road, anything could happen. However, rules must be implemented to keep the site peaceful and your kids away from danger.

Final Maintenance and Service

Lastly, before your trip, check your caravan and ensure it’s in good working condition. And since it’s a family trip, you must determine that all components work and sound good before heading out.

To be specific, always check and oil caravan brakes and other systems when necessary, double check on extra wheels and tire air pressure for a successful caravan journey from start to finish.


Preparing your caravan for your family is a very challenging endeavor. Still, because safety and protection are our priority from start to finish, The tips below are a great help when dealing with young children and infants who tend to overthink events and be a source of frustration.

As long as you prepare well and do it before the trip, you can always bring your family in with confidence and ensure a safe, happy, and memorable caravanning trip.

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